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Friday Locks: The Grand Finale


It may be hard to believe but this is it. The 2011 Crimson And Cream Machine pick'em contest officially comes to an end this weekend and the Friday Locks right along with it. Once again we'd like to thank Sooner Legends Inn And Suites for being out contest sponsor and we look forward to announcing our grand prize winner next week. As you can see by the standings below it is still a very tight race that will come down to the final weekend. So will our Friday Locks where JTE and OnlyOne are separated by just one game.

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 soonermagic/pitbull17 145 145-114
2 The Broylers 143 143-116
3 Even God Hates texas 139 139-120
4 ED21 139 139-120
5 soonercrze 137 137-122
6 NCGorBUST 134 134-125
7 Charbycharlie 134 134-125
8 Chaos N Suh 134 134-125
9 HeathC 133 133-126
10 BullyBoy 132 132-127

Check out who we're locking this week and tell us which plays you'd make as well.

Last Week: 2-0

Season 16-10

Boise State (-48.5) vs. New Mexico

Talk about laying some points! If Boise State has any chance of making a BCS bowl, they have to win BIG and pray Houston loses. I'm going with the "win big" theory here. .

LSU (-12) vs. Georgia UGA is playing well right now, but I just think they're a little out of their league vs. Lester and Co.
Last Week: 2-0 Season: 15-11

Wisconsin (-9.5) vs Michigan State

The Spartans got the best of the Badgers in a regular season match-up at home. However on a neutral field I like Wisconsin's chances. They should come out with a vendetta to settle in what will be a revenge game. This time, it is for a BCS bid and a B10 title.

Baylor (-3) vs Texas

I have to go with my "closet team" this week. They have a should be Heisman winner at their disposal. Couple that with the fact that the Bears have punted the least amount of times out of any team in the nation and you get just how good this offense is. Texas will not be able to keep par and ends up beating themselves with the atrocious monster they call offense. Sic 'Em Bears!

CC Machine
Last Week: 1-1 Season: 11-15

New Mexico (+48.5) at Boise State

I've got to go opposite Jordan on this one. I think Boise wins in blowout fashion but those are a ton of points so give me New Mexico. Virginia Tech (-7) against Clemson Clemson won the regular season battle but as of late these are two teams heading in opposite directions. Hokies win and cover the spread.