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It's finally official, five star RB Brandon Williams is transferring

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Bob Stoops has confirmed today that former five star running back Brandon Williams has indeed decided to transfer. There had obviously been rumors speculating as much for weeks, but we were waiting for word from the head man before posting anything definitive.

There have been several reports today from multiple Texas A&M websites that College Station will be his new school, but it remains to be seen how many (if any) years he will be required to sit out before being eligible.

Obviously it's disappointing to lose any player, let alone one of Williams' talents, but if a kid doesn't want to be here then all parties are better off if they just leave. The choice of A&M doesn't really make sense to me given the depth chart he'd be facing there as well as having to play week in and week out against SEC defenses, but best of luck to the young man. Wish it would have worked out, but happy trails my man.

The saga is over.