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Sooner Nation Replay: Basketball Success, Brandon Williams, Winds Of Change

Football is approaching the end as all that is left is a disappointing bowl game. However, that doesn't mean there wasn't anything news to talk about. We kick things off talking about Lon Kruger and the success that this team is having. The beginning of the season saw very little expectations if any at all. Where is the bar now and how do we expect this team to fair in conference play? Outside of basketball is the Brandon Williams news. He has made it clear that he wants to transfer but where will he end up? Of course this conversation brings up discussion of the running game, and the once full stable OU had at it's disposal. What is outlook for next season and who should we expect to step up as a newcomer? It has become very apparent that the offense is willing to adapt in different ways. However, it seems that every down is a throwing down these days. Yet, will the defense ever attempt to change or will Brent Venables continue to employ schemes that have very little affect while relying on the athleticism to bail this team out? Something needs to change but will it?