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RGIII leaning towards NFL according to report. Will this influence Landry Jones' decision?

According to a Yahoo report, Robert Griffin and his parents have been interviewing agents with the rumored intention that he is leaning towards foregoing his final year of eligibility and entering the NFL draft. This is relevant to Oklahoma fans because RGIII's decision, as well as USC's Matt Barkley, could have a big effect on whether or not the Sooners starting QB decides to declare early himself.

If you're an OU fan and you spend any time on the interwebs, you have surely read somebody who "knows a guy who knows a guy" that heard Landry said he's coming back. Or that he's leaving early. Or that he's giving up football to get a head start on negotiations for his fiance's WNBA contract. I think you get what I'm getting at. At this point, we don't really know what Jones is going to do. I can tell you what I think he's going to do, which is all anybody else is doing right now, and that is come back for his senior season. But I don't have any special insight on his decision just like that "guy who knows a guy" doesn't either. However what I do know is that he, his family, and the OU coaches are smart enough to evaluate his options and those options will be influenced by the decision of guys like Griffin and Barkley.

Jones draft stock has been falling as of late according to those draft "experts" and he is now considered by most to be the fourth rated draft eligible quarterback behind Stanford's Andrew Luck, Griffin, and Barkley. If accurate, which is clearly a big if this early in the process, it would still likely make him a 1st round draft pick but not nearly as high as he was once projected. So does it make sense that if this report on Griffin proves not to be true, Lane Kiffin is able to convince Barkley to come back, and Landry Jones is now sitting there as the likely #2 QB behind Luck, these are all things that could affect his decision? I'd say so.

So if you're one of the seemingly ever increasing group of OU fans who are ready for Landry to move on (and I'm not sure why you would be so anxious) then you should very much be hoping that RGIII and Barkley decide they're not ready to leave their rock star status on their respective campuses.

In the end, Jones may come back regardless of what any of these guys do for all the reasons we've heard discussed. But it would be pretty foolish to think that the decisions of those he would be competing with has no influence on his own.