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OU Football - Let the attrition begin. Two transfers confirmed.

UPDATE: We have been contacted by someone who claims to be the mother of James Haynes and she has shared with us that James did not request a transfer. I'm not sure if that was implied in the original story we posted below, but if it was that was entirely unintentional. Out of respect for this person who contacted us and their son, we just wanted to make this fact perfectly clear.

Unfortunately it's that time of year, where the limitations of a 85 man scholarship roster tend to lead to some attrition and players transferring. SoonerScoop's ($) Carey Murdock is reporting the first of what could be several departures for the Oklahoma football team. Defensive back James Haynes and one time offensive tackle now defensive tackle Josh Aladenoye have both reportedly decided to leave the program.

Haynes was a guy who was thought to have promise both as a member of the secondary, but also as a possible return man. However after redshirting in 2010 only seeing action in six games, exclusively on special teams, in 2011 he likely will leave looking for an opportunity to play more elsewhere.

Aladenoye was a guy the coaches were high on as an offensive tackle at one point, but then got moved to DT and never really made an impact. I'd venture to guess that he was disappointed with the move given the issues OU had all year at right tackle.

As I said before, this could very likely be the first of several transfers if all the rumors about the discontent amongst this football team are even close to true. Obviously you hate to see any kids leave the program unhappy, but at the same time neither really contributed significantly so with all due respect it won't exactly be a crushing loss. Be that as it may, best of luck to both in their future endeavors!