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OU Football Banquet Visitor List Updates - Three five stars in the building?

So we already told you last week about some of the big time names that are scheduled to be in Norman this weekend for the OU football banquet. The #1 & #2 overall players (per Rivals) in WR Dorial Green-Beckham and DE Mario Edwards were the headliners. Well now, thanks to the tireless work of our friends over at SoonerScoop we have learned that the #1 overall player and WR (DGB obviously) could very likely be joined ($) by the #2 overall WR, Stefon Diggs. Which, if things were to play out as they're being reported today, would mean the Sooners would be hosting, among others, three five star recruits who just so happen to be the #1, #2, and #8 overall players in the 2012 class.

Reports are that Diggs and DGB have struck up a friendship as they are (or were by this point) both in New York this past week on a promotional trip for the h.s. All-American game they will both be playing in. In fact, the talk initially was that DGB was thinking about not taking the trip this weekend since he has been to Norman several other times already. However, again thanks to SoonerScoop ($), it appears that the two have been talking and warmed to the idea of making the trip to Norman together. Now it's only Tuesday so there is more than enough time between now and then for things to change, but the news today of them both possibly coming is (cautiously) outstanding. Now it remains to be seen, given who OU already has commitments from at WR (four already and pretty dang good ones at that), just how exactly they could afford to take that many WRs but given Josh Heupel's propensity to throw every down maybe we're on to something? Ok, that was a joke (hopefully) but in all seriousness five or six WR classes just don't happen all that often. So while it is clearly up to the coaches to make the numbers work, they must know something we don't as far as I can tell.

But wait, the news of Diggs isn't the only good news we have for you. There are two more names for us to tell you about.

The first is Colin Blake who is a safety and teammate of current OU commit Kyle Marrs. Blake has reportedly decommitted from Texas A&M after Mike Sherman's dismissal and has apparently made quick plans to join his teammate this weekend in Norman. Blake projects as a likely safety and would be an excellent addition to this class at a definite position of need for OU if they could strike while the iron is hot so to speak this weekend.

The second is actually another A&M commit (how about that), JUCO running back Marion Grice. Grice is a bigger, bruising type of runner that, coming from JUCO, could likely come in and contribute right away. He is the kind of back many Sooner fans have been clamoring for all year when calling for a guy like Trey Millard to get more carries, the kind of perfect compliment to what Roy Finch brings to the table. Yet again according to Rivals ($), there is apparently a previously unknown relationship between Grice and RB coach Cale Gundy so this actually isn't coming out of nowhere. And now with the transition of a new head coach at A&M, could the Sooners swoop in a steal a JUCO four star RB this weekend?

On a somewhat more disturbing note, these late offers at RB could be a sign that we're in some trouble at the position. We're not one to deal in rumors here at CCM as we've made clear many times, but the talk about Brandon Williams future as a Sooner is getting more and more prevalent. You can find it (you won't have to look hard) if you wish though I'm sure you can guess pretty easily as to whether it's of the good or bad news variety. To the best of my knowledge as it stands at the time of this post, nothing has been officially decided but the talk is not good and we'll just leave it at that for now. We'll try to stay on top of the situation as best we can and bring you anything more substantial than just 'rumors' as soon as possible.

But don't focus on the negative, instead focus on all the positive above that last note! Three five stars and three of the top 10 players in the country all visiting on the same weekend doesn't exactly happen every day people. At the absolute very least, it shows the coaches and the top recruits are not letting this past season damper their spirits with respect to the future of Oklahoma football. Maybe we fans should follow suit?