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CCM’s 2011 Football Award Nominations: Most Improved Player

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The conclusion of the 2011 football season brings about the award nominations from the staff here at Crimson And Cream. Unlike last year where we each awarded an honor to a player or coach, this year we're leaving it up to our readers to decide who gets the honors. We introduced our nominations Sunday night on the SoonerNation podcast and now your opportunity to cast your vote comes after the jump.

Nominations For Most Improved Player

O3: DT Casey Walker

JTE: LB Tom Wort

CCM: WR Jaz Reynolds

Casey Walker made significant improvement at the defensive tackle position with the hopes of making another huge stride before his senior season next year. Oklahoma uses their tackles to occupy blockers which leaves the linebackers free to roam and tackle running downhill at the ball carriers but Walker also recorded tackles for loss, deflected passes, QB hurries and a sack, as well as forced fumbles.

With the tragic passing of Austin Box during the offseason all eyes were on sophomore linebacker Tom Wort to grow up in a hurry. That's exactly what he did! Wort still showed the raw power he possessed as a freshman in 2010 but also showed poise and a better understanding of assignments and pursuit angles.

Due to a suspension, Jaz Reynolds sat out the 2010 season and was still in the dog house when the 2011 season kicked off. However, he's a kid who did everything wright and not only earned his way back on to the field but also became a dangerous weapon in the Sooner offense.