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CCM’s 2011 Football Award Nominations: Biggest Surprise/Disappointment

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The conclusion of the 2011 football season brings about the award nominations from the staff here at Crimson And Cream. Unlike last year where we each awarded an honor to a player or coach, this year we're leaving it up to our readers to decide who gets the honors. We introduced our nominations Sunday night on the SoonerNation podcast and now your opportunity to cast your vote comes after the jump.

Nominations For Biggest Surprise Of The Year

O3: Not Using Roy Finch Enough

JTE: Jaz Reynolds

CCM: Michael Hunnicutt

Jaz Reynolds came out of nowhere to place third on the team in receptions (41) and recorded 715 receiving. He caught five touchdowns, including a couple of one-handed jaw droppers.

Roy Finch was a preseason all-conference selection and most fans had him tabbed to be the primary feature back. It wasn't until Dominique Whaley's injury that Finch was thrust into a considerable amount of playing time. He responded with 619 rushing yards, 3 touchdowns and a 5.7 yard per carry average.

Speaking of coming out of nowhere, that's exactly where Michael Hunnicutt came from. Not only did he bring consistency back to Oklahoma's kicking game (87%) he also added distance. Hunnicutt was a perfect 4-4 from beyond forty yards with a long of 53.

Nomination For Biggest Disappointment Of The Year

O3: Play Calling

JTE: Play Calling

CCM: Play Calling

Unfortunately you guys don't get to vote on this one because we were all in agreement. Be it offensive or defensive the play calling was absolutely atrocious at times. From the failure to pull Gabe Lynn out of the Tech game to the, limited use of Roy Finch, to the decision to only run the ball 9 times in the first half against Oklahoma State it was bad, bad, bad!