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CCM’s 2011 Football Award Nominations: Offensive POTY

The conclusion of the 2011 football season brings about the award nominations from the staff here at Crimson And Cream. Unlike last year where we each awarded an honor to a player or coach, this year we're leaving it up to our readers to decide who gets the honors. We introduced our nominations Sunday night on the SoonerNation podcast and now your opportunity to cast your vote comes after the jump.

Nominations For Offensive Player Of The Year

O3: Ryan Broyles

JTE: Adam Shead

CCM: Ryan Broyles

Ryan Broyles leaves Oklahoma as the greatest receiver to ever wear the crimson and cream. Unfortunately he also leaves on crutches after suffering a knee injury in the Texas A&M game. Despite missing the final three games of the season, Broyles still finished as the team's leader in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns.

Adam Shead is a star in the making! At 6-4/319 lbs he was absolutely dominating at times. The best part is that he's only a freshman and yet showed the ability to take two defenders out of the play at the same time as shown in the photo above.