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Roy Finch Cited For Property Damage - Is This Even Worth Posting?

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O3 told me that if I didn't post this then someone else would, so here we go. Oklahoma running back Roy Finch was cited on Thursday December 8th on a misdemeanor count of property molestation. That sounds much, much worse than it actually is. The reality of the situation is that he destroyed someone's computer and obviously they weren't happy about it.

Now the reason as to why he did it is the real story. I have a couple of theories though. 1) That was the first night we were off from our Thursday night broadcast of SoonerNation. Finch could have tuned in only to realize that since the football season had ended we only broadcast on Sunday nights. Thus in a rage he destroyed the computer. 2) That could have been the computer that Josh Heupel used to formulate the offensive game plan for the Bedlam game. Seeing as how beating the crap out of a coach isn't very healthy for your playing career, Finch could have turned his wrath towards the computer.

That's my speculation. Now, here's the sad truth. If Finch draws a suspension for this then OU literally has no one to run the football against Iowa in the Insight Bowl.