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Lon Kruger Continues Aggressive Offers For 2013 Class

College Basketball has descended upon the nation. For a short period of time it was the only basketball being played with a strong market. Many NBA fans were relegated to watching the early big time match-ups in order to get their fix. Now that the Collective Bargaining Agreement has been agreed upon, the top winter sport will once again reign supreme. However, let's not skip over the college scene.

Lon Kruger's arrival at Oklahoma came with mixed emotions. His team is now 6-1 with wins over Washington St. Cougars and most recently the Arkansas Razorbacks. If you had any doubts about this man and his ability to turn a team around, any reservations should have been removed by now. Needless to say, Kruger has a vision and is taking the necessary steps to achieve it. But, it all starts with recruiting. Oklahoma Sooner fans are no strangers to the tangled web that can be recruiting and the punishments dealt out once the web has been spun.

Let's take a look at some names Lon Kruger and this Sooner program have targeted and already offered for the 2013 Class.

Dominic Woodson - 6-9 265lbs Center of Vermont Academy in Roundrock, Texas

Dominic Woodson would most certainly add a little more size to this team if the Sooners should land him. So far we have seen that the current center, Casey Arent, has very little offensive prowess. However, he is a shot changer in the lane and is able to grab board after board. Woodson has every bit the capable of Arent in making his presence known in the lane plus more. Not only can Woodson bang bodies, he has a knack for grabbing rebounds. Add to that the fact that he had a face up game while being able to knock down mid-range jumpers and the ability to finish around the rim and OU could create bigger problems inside than they currently do.

Jordan Woodard - 6-1 170lbs Point Gaurd of Edmond Memorial in Edmond, Oklahoma

There are not a ton of borderline 6-footers that get a shot and actually make something of it. Most either have an uncanny ability to score or they simply don't. Jordan Woodard can straight ball. His biggest asset is that he is willing to challenge anyone and take it to the rack. Woodard is able to create for himself and does the little things to draw a foul landing himself at the charity stripe more often than not. Got to love an attack mentality and Woodard most definitely has it.

Julius Randle - 6-9 225lbs Power Forward of Prestonwood Christian in Dallas, Texas

This kid may be a long shot but it doesn't mean that Kruger isn't willing to try as he has already offered him a scholarship. Julius Randle is a top 60 recruit and the #1 recruit in the state of Texas. There are tons of eyes on him and plenty of coaches that are ready to fill a starting roll with someone of his caliber...just think Kevin Garnett. Randle is a pro in the making with all the necessary skills. This lefty can play anywhere on the floor. He loves to catch it in the blocks or pull it out a bit, face up, and then make his decision on what he sees. Don't be surprised to see this big fella put the ball on the floor and drive when he gets the chance or sees the opportunity.

Juwan Parker - 6-4 180lbs Shooting Guard of Booker T. Washington in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Juwan Parker is a great talent that will most likely fly under the radar simply because the natural ability is there, but it hasn't been harnessed quite yet. He has a great upside, yet only a few are taking notice including Memphis, Marquette, and Baylor. Parker is a slasher but still can step outside and knock down a 20 footer. He has great ball skills coupled with an athletic build that will help him excel on the next level.

Daquein McNeil - 6-3 170lbs Shooting Guard of Vermont Academy in Baltimore, Maryland

This is a kid who would make a great addition to most teams, however it might require a position change. Daquein McNeil has great court vision that starts with surveying the floor each and every time he possess the ball. Not only is this extremely rare in a kid his age, it is also a talent that will make him stand out. Again, McNeil is another player with great ball handling skills who can create for himself off the dribble at any given moment. He has deceptive speed and a lightning quick first step that will force people on to their heels often. Look for him to progress and begin to draw a little more interest from other schools.