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CCM Feedback Forum - Dorial Green-Beckham or Mario Edwards?

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I know all of you here don't necessarily follow recruiting, but I don't think that precludes you from taking part in the conversation as their talent is pretty evident even in the brief highlights above.  I thought it would be interesting to post the question to all of you here - If you had to choose one 2012 recruit, WR Dorial Green-Beckham or DE Mario Edwards Jr., which would you choose?  They are the #1 and #2, or vice versa, recruits in the entire country for the 2012 class depending on which recruiting service you prefer and Oklahoma is legitimately in on both.  So to that point, I know the easy answer is "Why choose, I'll just take both" and while that appears to be a reasonable scenario I want to make you choose between the two.

You can approach it from any perspective you'd like of course, but I can give you some of my general thoughts on both to get things started. 

DGB- Simply put, the kid has the look of another Adrian Peterson type talent but obviously at the WR position.  I fully appreciate the enormity of that statement holds for OU fans, but DGB is that good.  When AD was coming out of high school, there was some talk (even as ridiculous as it was and still is) that he was NFL ready at least from a physical standpoint.  Now he's not ready from a route running ability, but that won't prevent him from dominating at the college level while he perfects his craft.

From a "cons" perspective, there is an argument to be made that he's a 'luxury' for OU.  Meaning WR isn't exactly a need position for the 2012 class.  That said though, it doesn't matter how many WRs you already have if a player of this caliber wants to commit you take him.  No matter what.  You could also argue that a WR isn't usually a "difference maker" with respect to national championship teams compared to other positions (like QB, RB, DE, etc.).

Edwards- While he doesn't possess the lightning quick first step of some past five star DEs, what he does have is an advanced technique thanks to being the son of a former NFL player and a strength that few h.s. prospects develop until their second or third year on a college campus.  As you would expect, he is constantly battling double and triple teams while opponents routinely run plays in his opposite direction for a majority of the game.  He's been on the record as a fan of the multiple things the OU defense is asking of their DEs this last year or two and how he and his family think that will help his development towards an NFL career.  In terms of need, you'd have to think that Edwards would be more of one than DGB.  From the standpoint that Big Frank is a senior and many believe that Ronnell Lewis will test the NFL waters as well. 

There are some who think he'll grow into more of a DT (he's already 275 pounds), though that certainly shouldn't diminish his value as a recruit.  If he did eventually move inside, he'd be an incredibly athletic DT and OU fans know as well as anybody that those don't come around all that often.

Now I know there are more arguments to be made in favor of and/or against each, but I want to hear where you all stand.  It's a bye week, which always suck, so just trying to generate a little conversation to keep things interesting.  Understand, I'm VERY much in the same "I want both" boat but for the sake of discussion just pick one.