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Bob Stoops Weekly Presser - Bye Week

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Heading into a bye week, I think we can expect an even more 'coach speak' Bob than usual.  Regardless, being the troopers that we are we're here to give you all the details.

* Bob opens, as usual, talking about last week's game.  Singles out some players on both offense and defense as well as Tress Way on special teams.

* Says the team did not practice Monday, just reviewed film

* Asked about replacing Broyles, "Everybody is going to have to step up."

* Bob is confident that the other WRs will be able to do what they need to do.  Names Jaz Reynolds, Trey Franks, and Dejuan Miller.

* Bob says that Kameel Jackson is a guy who will get more time.  He's been getting more and more consistent in practices throughout the year. 

* Habern could start at center against Baylor, but they haven't determined that yet.

* Was asked, in a round about way, about Jefferson and whether he's knicked up eluding to why he didn't play against A&M.  Bob mistakenly (?) admits that he was dinged up, but sticks to his story of Ibiloye fitting better and that being the reason he played and Jefferson didn't.

* Bob says that Fleming coming back was big for the defense and that anytime you get a great player like that back it's always a good thing for your defense.

* Bob says he's heard positive reports on Broyles from NFL scouts.  Obviously the injury will effect some of that, but he has no doubt that Ryan will able to get back to 100%.

* Bob says it is difficult to maintain your focus when you lose a player like that, but it's just something you have to do and they (the team) will.

* Asked about Demarco Murray tearing it up in the NFL and Bob has several nice things to say about him.  Very complimentary as you'd expect.  Reiterates that he always knew he was capable of it and happy to see him doing it.

* Asked what Finch is doing that has earned him more playing time, "More consistency in practice and more effective in the game."

* Asked if Brandon Williams isn't doing that and if that's why he's not playing more, "No, he's been in there also."

* Berry Tramel tries to make a funny asking Bob if winning last week was a good sign that showed they're capable of winning at home.  Evidenced in his response, Bob doesn't think Berry is very funny.

* Bob says that Broyles still has the numbers that should warrant consideration for some awards and/or All-American honors.

* Now we're scraping the bottom of the barrel apparently as Bob is asked about the earthquake Saturday night.  Bob says he thought it was "pretty cool."

* Bob slips up again and admits to watching the Bama/LSU game and OSU/KSU game, so they try to get his thoughts on them both and Bob realizes what he's done.  Starts to hem and haw a little bit and then slips right back into PC Bob giving all teams credit for playing a good game.

* Says they will definitely continue to expand on the Bell-dozer package.  Both Heupel and Norvell are eager to do more with it.

* Bob is off his game today, he again mentions something he normally wouldn't ever offer up.  Says that RS FR Max Stevenson hasn't been practicing for several weeks.  Doesn't say why and says it doesn't really matter because he was redshirting anyway, but it does show that this team really does have Hanna and Ratterree at TE and that's it.

There were some other comments, but nothing of great interest.  It's going to be a LONG bye week everybody.