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Texas A&M looking to replace Texas on their schedule with OU?

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It's a scheduling news kind of morning apparently.

If you can believe the Austin American Statesman, this might just be the case. I'm sure you're aware of the animosity between the two TX schools and the veiled statements that have been made essentially saying they would no longer play each other in football once the Aggies leave for their inevitable fall into irrelevance the SEC. As for the OU/A&M part, it sounds like almost pure speculation at this point (especially the part about it taking place on Thanksgiving weekend, though the story says as much) and I'm not exactly sure why on earth A&M would want to do this along with playing an SEC schedule.

From an OU standpoint, if they could get the game say at Reliant Stadium in Houston and establish a presence in a recruiting hotbed they have not traditionally done very well in, I could see how that makes sense. That said, I'd be surprised if this actually happens and to be honest if OU is thinking about doing something like this with anyone I'd hope they're smart enough to know the popular choice amongst OU fans would be Nebraska.