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LSU #1, Stanford #2, Bama #4, OU #7 in latest Coaches Poll

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The first poll to be released on Sunday is the latest edition of the coaches poll.  As expected, after Alabama's loss they drop to #4 and little else changed.  LSU is a unanimous #1 while according to the coaches, Stanford is the #2 team in the country.  Oklahoma State after barely holding on at home against K-State moves up to #3 by default with the Crimson Tide dropping to the fourth spot ahead of undefeated Boise State at #5.

Our Sooners maintain their #7 ranking after a very costly win against Texas A&M.  You can see the full Coaches Poll here.

The AP Poll will be out later this afternoon while ESPiN will unveil the BCS rankings this evening.  You can see SBN's BCS guru's predictions here.