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OU vs. A&M - 2nd Half "we better wake the bleep up already because this is bleeping embarrassing" Thread

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This team needs to wake the frick up.  If it's on the coaches, the players, the freaking water boys I don't care.  This is embarrassing.  And it's not because A&M isn't a good team, they are.  But we're making them look like a MNC contender or something.  If they want to have a two game home losing streak, then play another half like that first one.  If you don't want to piss away what's left of your season then WAKE THE F UP ALREADY!!!!  PLEASE!!!!!!

We've seen this team come out of the locker room and make some major adjustments and play like a different team.  I'm sure you're all as hopeful as I am that that's what we're about to see.