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OU vs. Texas A&M - Not just a big game, also a big recruiting weekend for the Sooners

We said it earlier in the week, heading into the season this was supposed to be a big time match up and as such many recruiting targets of the Sooners made arrangements to have their official visit to Norman this weekend.  Now as we all know the game, thanks Aggies, hasn't lived up to the preseason billing but most of those recruits are all still coming.  So it's shaping up to be one of the biggest recruiting weekends all year for OU.  

Here are just a few of the names that are expected to be in attendance.  One thing to keep in mind, you're dealing with h.s. kids here so pinning them down and getting confirmation of their plans isn't exactly the easiest thing to do.  Also, plans change and updates aren't always communicated.  So there will very likely be more recruits that make a visit today than just the ones whose names are below.

For instance, there have been almost as many rumors online that Mario Edwards Jr. will definitely be in Norman as there have been that he will not.  Very similarly, there has been speculation that Dorial Green-Beckham may find his way to Norman (this is very doubtful IMO).  So I just wanted to point that out and remind those of you who are interested in this stuff that names will continue to come out after today.  So if you don't see the name of a guy you were expecting below, don't just assume he won't be there today.  

Here is the list of players that have been confirmed (through various recruiting services, but as always the most trusted remains SoonerScoop) for their visit and some that could possibly make the trip as well.

2012 recruits (OU commits)

WR Sterling Shepard - Funny story about the highlights above.  This game was on ESPiNU and the entire intro was about Shepard's teammate Barry Sanders Jr.  ESPiN clearly had made a decision to feature Sanders because he is a very talented player, but also because of his name (and obviously famous father).  I wasn't surprised because it's what you can expect from that network, but a couple minutes into the game it became clear to them what those of us who follow recruiting already knew.  Sanders isn't even the best player on his team, Sterling Shepard is.  Shepard was so dominant, ESPiN shifted their focus to him and after the game offered him their last WR spot in the Under Armor All-American game.  

WR Durron Neal

DB Devante Harris

TE Laith Harlow

RB/DB Daniel Brooks

2012 recruits (OU targets)

Gerald Bowman - Pierce Community College (CA)

WR Avery Johnson - Blanche Ely H.S. (FL)  Johnson is a current LSU commit

CB/WR Corey Coleman and current Baylor commit was supposed to be coming, but had to cancel last minute. DB/WR Derrick Woods was also supposed to make the trip out from CA, but also had to cancel so he could take the SAT exam.  LB Brian Nance and longtime OU target was also supposed to be in Norman, but will instead reportedly attend the Baylor game (OU's interest in Nance has really faded lately and as such don't be surprised if he commits elsewhere after long considered to be a virtual lock for the Sooners).

2013 recruits

RB Darius Graham

WR Stanvon Taylor

TE Christian Morgan

DT A'Shawn Robinson

LB Kimmie Carson

OT J.J. Gustfason

Heath Newland

Possible visitors

2012 commit - DE Polo Manukainiu

2012 commit - OL John Michael McGee

2013 target - WR Quan Jones

2013 target - OL Rob Boyd

2013 target - S Taion Sells

2013 target - RB Cameron Wrenn