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OU updates depth chart for Bedlam week

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Oklahoma released an updated depth chart for the Bedlam game this Saturday and while there were not a ton of changes, it's always worth a glance so we'll give you the cliff notes version.


Blake Bell is listed as the starter at QB!!!!!!!

Just kidding.  I could have been real jerk and put the jump right after that, but I wouldn't do that to you all.

With Jarvis Jones' issues, Tyrus Thompson moves into his spot behind Donald Stephenson at LT.  Ben Habern is back as the starter at center, which means Gabe Ikard shifts back to left guard, which unfortunately means Adam Shead is now a backup. 

Jaz Reynolds is back atop the depth chart, so apparently it was just a one game suspension (let's hope nothing changes between now and Saturday).  Which means Dejuan Miller is also now a backup as Kameel Jackson is still listed as the starter in the slot.  I'm sure you all would agree, if Miller wants to go ahead and have a 'Cam Kenney' like game Saturday in his final regular season game as a Sooner I'd be just fine with it.

Roy Finch sitll listed as the starter at RB with Brennan Clay behind him.  Which obviously means Brandon Williams name is nowhere to be found.  Don't think it means anything with respect to him playing Saturday, but still a little odd that he's not listed.


David King moves into the DE spot opposite Big Frank.  R.J. Washington is listed as the backup at both spots, which is a little disappointing considering the expectations surrounding Geneo Grissom heading into this season.

No changes in the LBs or the secondary aside from Javon Harris and Sam Proctor being given the "or" label (genearlly means co-starters). 

Like I said, not exactly earth shattering stuff here but at least now you're up to date ;)