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Checking In With Coach Kruger After The 76 Classic

I had the opportunity to briefly ask Oklahoma men's basketball coach Lon Krurger about his team after their second place finish in Anaheim. Again, the conversation was brief but the fact that he continues to make time for a small blog like ours speaks volumes of his desire to relate to the fans. 

CC Machine:  It seems like the fan support for basketball is rapidly increasing on our site. With the 4-1 start are you guys experiencing the growth of fan support as well and how much confidence did reaching the 76 championship game instill in your players?

Coach Kruger: It all (fan support) seems to be picking up. Our guys confidence was boosted by playing in Championship game. Even losing got their attention in a positive way. 

Oklahoma reached Sunday's championship game by knocking off Washington State (74-59) in the quarterfinals and Santa Clara (85-73) in the semifinals. The eventually fell to Saint Louis in the championship game. 

OU returns home to begin a three-game home stand against Sacramento State, ORU and Arkansas beginning this Friday night.