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Bob Stoops Weekly Presser - Bedlam

Big game this week.  Think we'll get any big questions from the local media?  Yeah, me neither.  Regardless, we're here to recap all that Bob doesn't say in his weekly presser today.  As always, you can watch the video here.  Here we go.

As usual, Stoops opens things up talking about last week's game.  Very happy with how they played considering the weather conditions.  Says it was the worst weather he's ever played in.  Says Landry managed the win pretty well.  Had too many drops, partially due to the conditions.

Singles out Tom Wort (says maybe his best game ever so far), Frank Alexander, Corey Nelson on defense.  On offense, Brandon Williams, Dejuan Miller, and Tyler Evans.

Bob reminds everyone to keep the families of those lost in the tragic OSU plane crash in their thoughts and prayers.  And the girls on their b-ball team as well.

Bob is excited going into the last game with another chance to play for a conference championship.

"It will be a tough challenge, you know, going back to back years going to Stillwater.  It's a team that has played very well.  Offensively has been very special.  Defensively, very sound, makes a ton of turnovers.  It will be important for us to protect the ball and not turnover.  Take away their run game, cover and get to the quarterback."

Asked about how it came to OU having to go to Stillwater two years in a row.  Bob says they'd have to ask Joe C. or the conference office.  Says he was presented with several different options and didn't like any of them, so they just had to settle on this one. 

Bob goes back to the Big 12's "one true champion" talk at media days.  He is clearly not happy about a possible split champion.

Bob will wait and see if OU is ever in the position to accept a "co-championship" before he says he would or he wouldn't accept/recognize it.

Bob says special teams will definitely play a factor in the game.  He likes his kicker and punter and is confident in them heading into this game.

Bob is told that Gundy agreed with him at his presser yesterday that there should only be one true champion.  We'll see if that holds true should they lose Saturday night.  My money is on OSU claiming another "co-championship."

Bob was happy with how the safeties played against Iowa State.  Wouldn't commit on whether or not they'll go with the same lineup on Saturday.

Bob says that Jaz Reynolds is on pace to start Saturday night.

Asked if Frank Alexander has made himself some money this year (in terms of draft prospects).  "Yeah, he's had a huge year.  Very active, knocking down balls, he's had a huge year."

Asked if OU's dominance in the series plays into the mindset heading into the game.  "I don't believe so.  Each and every year is its own unique body of work, so I don't really believe that one carries over to the next.  Now does it give you confidence or an attitude that we're ready for this?  Maybe, but a lot of these guys were here last year for this game so they know what to expect."

Bob says the Bell-dozer not working as well was a case of them missing some blocks and ISU just making some good plays.

Asked why they choose to not make some players available to the media (question was specific to Blake Bell).  "We haven't had a prima donna in the group.  Sometimes a little too much attention before it's earned can lead to that, so we've always been very aware of fighting that off."

Bob wouldn't not disclose where he voted OSU in last week's Coaches Poll.

Bob says it is fair to say you're not going to "stop" OSU just as people don't "stop" OU.  Says "contain" them is a better way of putting it.  Says it's not just about scheme, but also about personnel.

Asked if they are trying to get Trey Franks more involved in the offense.  "To a degree, sure."

Asked if Ronnell Lewis could play on Saturday.  "He said he wants to.  I know he wants to.  But I think it hurts more than he wants to let on so I don't see that happening."

Asked if he likes Corey Nelson at d-end.  "He did really well.  So we'll see how it goes moving forward."

Asked if winning the Big 12 is a "good year."  "Absolutely.  How could it not be?  There are plenty of teams out there who would love to have won it as many times as we have.  Now is it the ultimate, no.  Would it be a great year for Oklahoma State if they won it?  Yeah, I thought it would be."

Bob says he didn't imply that it's all or nothing this year with respect to #8 when he said earlier in the year that it was about time OU won another one.

Asked if he enjoys coaching at a place where the national championship is the standard.  "Obviously I love where I'm at.  I'm smart enough to say that.  It's just the way it is.  I'm also very aware that ten years prior to when we got here there wasn't any of that.  So I think we've done a fair amount to bring a decent reputation to Oklahoma."

Asked to break down Brandon Weeden.  "Oh, I've always thought he ran their offense in a great way.  You can tell he's just very comfortable in what they're asking him to do.  He's had a great year."

Asked if he has any issue with older guys (like Weeden) playing CFB.  "Not really.  I think It's good they're coming back and getting their education.  I'm alright with it as long as it's legitimate."

Asked about Jarvis Jones' compliance issues and whether or not he'd be available in a bowl game.  "Don't know that yet."

Bob says that it's obvious this year has been worse than others in terms of injuries.  Says it changes the complexion of your team.  "To say just another guy goes in and he's another Ryan Broyles isn't that easy to do."

Asked if OU loses anything by OSU considered to be on that same tier (currently) as they are.  "No.  Why would we?  We've still got a chance to play for a championship, so I'm not sure it matters."

Bob is very satisfied with what they've done over the last 10 years.  "To play in 8 Big 12 championships and 4 national titles, you can say whatever you want, but they don't just pick your name out of a hat to play in those games.  Are we proud of what we've done?  Yeah, sure.  But we're going to keep working to get more."

Asked if he's confident that they won't get beat deep against OSU like they did against Baylor.  "Well it's a different, uh, the skill players are different.  I think the dimension of the QB run game forces you to mix up your cover schemes and that can affect things."

Asked what the mood or confidence level of the team is right now.  "It's very positive.  We've played nine games pretty well and we've played two games pretty poor.  But even in those we were still in them for the most part.  We know it's going to be a tough game and we're preparing for it like that."

Asked if Mike, his brother, was helping with the defense at all.  "No.  He's not advising us."

A little extra unexpected bonus with time with Ryan Broyles at the podium.

Asked how the knee is coming.  "It's coming.  Just working my way back day by day.  I definitely took running for granted, I know that."

Ryan says he has no regrets and was happy with how his career went.  Admits that it does suck not to be able to play in those last three games though.

Ryan says he is still out there at practice every day trying to coach guys up.

Asked, knowing what he knows now, would he still have come back (just a ridiculous stupid question from Dean Blevins).  "Not at all.  I have no regrets.  I learned so much from this year just like the ones before it, plus I got a fiancee.  So no, I don't regret it at all."

Ryan says he has been blessed to not have a bunch of injuries during his career, so it was shocking to have his knee injury happen like it did.

Ryan says there are plenty of guys in the NFL who have had torn ACLs, so he's not that worried about coming back from it.

Ryan says it was a complete tear of his ACL.  Says everything went perfect with his surgery and he has already started rehab and is off crutches.

Ryan said he wasn't crying after the injury for selfish reasons (like his career being over), that is was about not being able to finish the season for his teammates. 

Ryan says it might be back in time to run for the NFL scouts, but he's just taking things one day at a time right now.

Ryan says he is disappointed about missing this game, but that it's no different than missing the other two.

Ryan says he heard that OU is an underdog (three points), which makes me happy because that means the rest of the team knows it as well.  I LOVE how this team plays when people are picking against them.

Ryan says he hasn't really spoken to any NFL guys yet, but that the coaches have told him he's got enough film for them to evaluate to know what he's capable of.

Ryan says he'll be in Norman through January, then leave to do some NFL draft prep (both on and off the field), then be back in March for more rehab.

Ryan says he is about 10 weeks from being able to start running in the pool.

If you did or do watch this interview and think there is any chance he doesn't make it back you are insane.  This kid is the model of everything you could want in a player and not that I expected any different, but I freaking love his attitude.  I want him to succeed in the NFL maybe more than any OU player in my lifetime.  As good as he was for us, he deserves it.