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Kansas St. Wildcats Are Texas State Champs

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While scanning the interwebs late at night, I came across this little gem of a find. It has become apparent to the Kansas St. Wildcats that while they have had an incredible season, they are not in the race for the Big XII Championship anymore and by default are out of consideration for the BCS bid as well. With that said, K-State can say they are champions of something...Texas! I will never relinquish the opportunity to laugh in face of the Texas Longhorns.

This is a unique situation for Kansas St. because this is the first time they have played every Texas school in a single season. Not only did they play them, the Wildcats bested each and every school on the gridiron whether that was on the road or at home.

The front of this shirt simply has the Wildcat logo over the state of Texas declaring them as "Texas State Champs" while the back contains the score from each of those games. If you know a K-State fan and would like to purchase one for them, you can find it at the Official Kansas St. Team Store powered by Yahoo.