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Sooner Nation Replay: Iowa St. Preview, Brandon Williams, Texas A&M Melts Down...Again

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Oklahoma fans are coming off a long week after the loss to the Baylor Bears. This week marks the annual Senior Day as the Oklahoma Sooners take on the Iowa St. Cyclones. One thing we got from Robert Griffin III and the Bears was a glimpse at what we could expect from Freshman Jared Barnett and this Cyclone offense. So what problems does Barnett pose for the Sooners given the ongoing safety troubles as well as the loss of DE Ronnell Lewis? We discuss who we think will be starting at Free Safety, Tony Jefferson or Javon Harris along with what will happen on the flip side of the ball. It is no secret that Oklahoma had a very potent offense. However, there have been major injuries from the O-Line, running back position, as well as the receiver position. Looking at the running game and the air attack, which poison does OU go with and which one is more important to establish? It is no secret that Sooner fans are slowly giving up on Brennan Clay with all the injuries he has suffered. So, we look specifically at the RB position and the statement that Bob Stoops made about getting Brandon Williams into the game often. Is he all talk or do we see some action for the true freshman early? As well as why has the talent Trey Millard possesses not being used to it's fullest? Of course we can't forget the rundown (The Rundown is a good movie for anyone looking for one) of the Big XII as well as a little basketball talk. The Sooners have the chance to win the 76 Classic at this point....something no one expected.

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