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CCM thanks the OU seniors

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Thank you to Ryan Caro.  Thank you to Jesse Ball.  Thank you to Jimmy Stevens, yeah I said it.  Thank you to Sam Proctor.  Thank you to Jarvis Jones, wish your senior year wouldn't have been marred by an injury.  Thank you to Stephen Good, wish you entire career hadn't been marred by injuries.  Thank you to Dejuan Miller, oh the potential of so much more.  Thank you James Winchester, especially for your fumble recovery in Dallas.  Thank you Donald Stephenson, for getting your act together and these last two years.  Thank you James Hanna, Bedlam 2010 nuf said. Thank you Trent Ratterree, for being everything that is right with OU football.  Thank you Jamell Fleming, for making your way back and for so many big plays.  Thank you Frank Alexander, for one of the best senior seasons in recent memory and all the money you've made yourself soon to be playing on Sundays.  Thank you Ryan Broyles, for being the best WR in the history of Oklahoma football.  Thank you Travis Lewis, for so so so many tackles the last four years.  

And last but the farthest possible thing from last, thank you Austin Box.  Your tragically premature loss prevents you from taking part in senior day, but that does not mean you will be forgotten today.

Thank you to all the OU seniors for everything that you have contributed over these last four years.  You will all be missed!