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Big 12 Quoteboard: Football Is Winding Down Basketball About To Take Center Stage

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With all the Big XII schools having multiple basketball games under their belts its time to take another gander at those Conference Power Rankings. That's what the good folks over at Big 12 Hoops do on a weekly basis. I have to admit that I sure agree with the top of their list this week more than I did last week's. 

1. Baylor Bears

Overall Record:  3-0
Last Week's Record: 1-0
Last Week's Ranking/Movement: T1, same
What Nathan Says: The team is so good right now and they still need P.J. III to come back.

2. Kansas Jayhawks

Overall Record: 2-1
Last Week's Record: 1-1
Last Week's Ranking/Movement: T1, down one spot
What Nathan Says: A treacherous week ahead playing in the Maui Invitational. A win or two would make a successful trip.

3. Missouri Tigers

Overall Record: 4-0
Last Week's Record: 2-0
Last Week's Ranking/Movement: 4, up one spot
What Evan Says: Mizzou looked better against Notre Dame than they have in over a year.

We got acquainted last week with Our Daily Bears and while we have to bow to them in football superiority this season we can also get a chuckle at this video they posted of their band and The Pride of Oklahoma "shuffling."

Oklahoma's weekend opponent in football is basking in the glow of the greatest win in school history. We salute you Iowa State. 

Being an Iowa State fan yields a lot of crap. We all know that, and I have an  example of what I''m talking about. I live in Denver, Colorado, and I got crap here for being an Iowa State fan from Iowa fans. Labor Day weekend, I was wearing an ISU shirt and walking around downtown Denver. I then hear some guy start yelling "GO HAWKS" and I turn and see his jeep with Iowa flags on it. I was like "damn". No matter where I am, I can't shake some obnoxious Hawkeye fans.

With all of the different things going on with conferences, I was worried as well. I was worried we'd be relegated into a smaller conference, that the football program and basketball programs would go down, and that the lack of money would kill the volleyball, wrestling, and other non-revenue programs that have a following here. - WRNL

With Missouri bolting to the SEC we're possibly looking at the end of the Boarder War showdown between Missouri and Kansas. Unfortunately it comes at a time when KU football is at a low point. 

I think the biggest regret here has to be the fact that this finale is going to take place at a time where it looks like the Jayhawks stand very little chance of being competitive.  After appearing to possibly begin to turn a corner against Iowa State and Baylor, the Jayhawks fell hard back to earth getting physically destroyed by Texas A&M. 

Oddly enough in that same time frame Iowa State knocked off #2 Oklahoma State and Baylor knocked off #5 Oklahoma.  Missouri on the other hand is coming off of a win over Texas Tech.  It was a narrow win, but a win nonetheless and the Tigers along with eight of ten other Big 12 teams, are going bowling. - Rock Chalk Talk

Where have we seen this before? The Texas Longhorns are being carried by defense with very little contributions from the offense. 

Rather than giving up and losing that mental edge when the offense doesn't perform well -- a major problem last season -- this Longhorn defense is taking pride in playing stifling defense, no matter what happens when Bryan Harsin's group has the ball. - Burnt Orange Nation

Our man JTE has gone to the drawing board and come up with the perfect solution for Oklahoma's rushing attack. 

Normally I wouldn't give away such valuable information for free, but because of my undying love for the University of Oklahoma I'm willing to make an exception this time.  Sometimes it's about more than just money.  Sometimes you just have to do things for the greater good and it's along those lines that I share this valuable information.

Prepare to have your minds blown. - Crimson And Cream Machine

Here's a great recap of a Texas loss. Come on...who doesn't like a Texas loss?

Going to Austin and watching K-State beat Texas is becoming old hat for me. Saturday's game was the second straight K-State football win I've witnessed in Austin. Last time, it was Jordy Nelson wearing out UT's linebackers and Ron Prince stomping up and down the east sideline as K-State beat up Colt McCoy and rolled to a 41-21 win.

Of course, going to Austin for a game is about so much more than the game. For me, there are friends to see, and in Austin there are restaurants and bars to visit. Unlike last time when I went with my good friendmystman995 and lived Austin as a college student might, this time it was a husband-wife trip that featured a lot more tailgating and a lot less 6th Street. My diary of the weekend is after the jump. - Bring On The Cats