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OU football to host #1 overall recruit Dorial Green-Beckham Dec. 16th

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UPDATE: Well, plans have apparently changed my friends.  SoonerScoop is now reporting that due to a last minute change to DGB's h.s. basketball schedule, he now has a game Saturday night and will not be able to make the previously reported visit. 

However, all is not lost.  The visit has been rescheduled for Dec. 16th which I believe is the last weekend that recruits can visit.  So while this news is obviously disappointing, there is still hope.  For one, DGB and his family have been to an OU game before so they know what Norman is like on game day.  Secondly, this gives OU the advantage of being his last visit (assuming he takes he others between now and then) which gives the Sooners his 'last look' and thus would likely be the visit he compares all his others to.  So if OU is able to build on the relationship they've already established with DGB and his family and get one last shot to "wow" him and his family.  What I"m trying to say is while him not being able to make it this weekend is disappointing, it's not like he just cancelled the trip because he didn't want to come.  To be honest, from a recruiting perspective I kind of feel like this works in our favor for all the reasons I mentioned above (especially the whole 'last look' deal).

How's that for a pre-Thanksgiving treat!  The number one overall recruit in the 2012 class, WR Dorial Green-Beckham, will be in Norman this coming Saturday for one of his five official visits.  According to our friends and the best in the recruiting biz SoonerScoop ($), they have been able to confirm his pending official visit with two different sources.  

It was originally believed that DGB and family were planning on attending the Iron Bowl, Alabama vs. Auburn, but evidently plans have changed.  With this being OU's final home game, if he hadn't (or for some reason doesn't make it) of made it in he obviously wouldn't have been able to witness the Sooners in action and the game day atmosphere in Norman.  So this news is a very promising sign for a couple of reasons.  (1) He's experienced the game day atmosphere at Auburn so to cancel and/or reschedule a trip there to come to Norman is very interesting.  This Saturday is Auburn's final game, so obviously he won't have another chance to see a game there.  (2) I say that it's interesting because he's been to OU for a game before on an unofficial visit as well as coming on at least one known other unofficial visit.  So he's been to Norman multiple times and is now coming back yet again.  That in and of itself says plenty and certainly can only bode in our favor.  (3) The timing of his visit.  DGB was in Austin last weekend, watched Texas lose and do so in a rather unimpressive fashion, and surely had to take notice of the black hole void of talent that is the UT quarterback situation.  So if Landry and the WRs can have a big day against Iowa State on Saturday, it could go a long way towards helping DGB and his family envision himself in this offense and the crimson and cream.

All that positive spin aside, understand that as exciting and positive as this news is it guarantees nothing.  In the few interviews DGB and his family have done, they have given nothing but the impression that they will take their time to make a decision and do their due diligence on the select few schools they are considering.  So while it would obviously be amazing, don't expect a commitment or anything this weekend.  That said, he and his family have developed a solid relationship with Jay Norvell, Josh Heupel, and Bob Stoops and firmly believe that Stoops' approach to recruiting will play very well with this family.  They won't pressure him to make a decision, no matter what you hear elsewhere that is not how OU recruits, and this is a family that will appreciate that approach.

In the game of recruiting, getting the kids on campus is goal #1.  Once they're there, anything can happen.  Almost nobody recruits  without at least having seen the campus one time and given this certainly won't be DGB's first trip to Norman, he has to at least like something about what OU has to offer.