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OU Football - A couple tidbits on Travis Lewis, Roy Finch, & Bob Stoops

I don't know about you, but I can't help but laugh at this picture from Saturday night's game.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
I don't know about you, but I can't help but laugh at this picture from Saturday night's game. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I came across something this morning that I found to be incredibly interesting so I wanted to share it with you all here in case you might have missed it.  I'm not sure how eager anyone here is to relive, in any way, last Saturday night so that's why I'm thinking the following might have flown under your radar.

So I'm reading the Oklahoman's OU beat writer's blog and he does something similar to what we do here (and what many others do as well) with our Film Study posts.  Minor difference, he follows along with Stoops' coaches show as opposed to just rewatching the actual game.  I'm sure you get the concept, he follows along while providing some recap, some of his own thoughts, and some of what Stoops has to say.My personal feelings on him as a replacement for Jake Trotter aside, I'll certainly give him credit for forcing himself to relive this game.  Then again, he's not an OU fan and has no vested interest in this team like we do, it's just a paycheck to him so maybe he doesn't get that much credit after all.  Ok moving on though, so within his blog post on last night's show he had three things that stuck with me.


Again, what a terrible spot by the refs on Travis Lewis‘ third-down tackle. Quite the tantrum from Lewis, too. Boy, you don’t hear a lot of good things about this guy — from anyone, inside or outside the program. Not something you learn until you get on the ground here. He continues to blow off the media, win or lose. Pretty classless for a senior captain.

 My first thought?  Woah, where the hell did that just come from?!?  I am reading that right?  He did just totally blast Travis Lewis right?  Now I'll certainly acknowledge that I don't get the kind of access he does so I suppose I'm not one to question the guy, but this is the first I can ever remember of hearing anything even remotely similar to this about Lewis. 


Nice running from Brandon Williams, in the game after Finch was dinged a bit. Couple of 12-yard runs. We’d heard Finch had an ankle injury, but Stoops just said it was a matter of "fresh legs." Either way. Williams’ most productive running to date, perhaps important for the weeks ahead. "Roy’s a little tired …"

Two things here.  I suppose it would only be fitting that after all this team has been through this year, that an injury to Roy Finch now is just freaking perfect.  The second, "Roy's a little tired" and this is the guy they have been using as their primary ball carrier?!?  The kid didn't play in the first handful of games, then only played sparingly for the most part until the Whaley injury, and now after one game (and a bye week mind you) as the primary ball carrier he's already "a little tired"???  THIS IS WHY OU FANS HAVE BEEN SCREAMING FOR MORE BRANDON WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

How are these things so blatantly obvious to us "uneducated can't possibly know what we're taking about" fans and yet these highly paid coaches are oblivious to them?!?



"Players, all of us, were of course … You’re angry. You’re mad. You’re disappointed. You have a run of emotions that are tough. Our guys invested in the week. We tried to play hard. We needed to play better, obviously. We needed to coach better. They made more plays than we did. (I think I nailed this, in the opening.) At the end, they make three or four plays, and we don’t make one. If we make one to keep them in bounds and short of a first down, we’re out of it. (OU did, in fairness. But it called a timeout.) That’s the way it goes sometimes. What I told the players, though, ‘Realistically, here we are, we have two games to go. You still have a chance to be Big 12 champions. That’s pretty good. Not everybody’s in that position. That should never be looked at as poor. That’s a positive.

"There are big games left. Iowa State is a good football team, and so is Oklahoma State. We’ve got to, you know, get better in some obvious areas. We’ve got to invest in the week. To be Big 12 champions would be special."

This is a flat out lie.  And if it's not and Bob actually believes this then he is the problem.  You can't say what you said prior to this season, about it being about time for this program to win another national championship, and then fail miserably to live up to expectation you and the team (that's right, it's not the fan's fault this time) placed upon yourselves, and then try and pass off this b.s.  I have a very hard time he or any of his staff actually believe this and I have an even more difficult time any player on that team actually believes it.  Which leaves only two logical conclusions you can draw from this that I see

(1) Bob Stoops thinks we are so stupid and holds us in such little regard that he thinks he can come out and say something like that to appease us.  (2) Bob Stoops is either so arrogant and above reproach, so complacent, or some combination of both that he doesn't even have to try or cares so little about trying to be honest that he offers up this crap.  Which ever one it is, everyone loses.  The fans (obviously), Bob, the other coaches, the players, and the program as a whole. 

And this is what I was getting at with my criticism after Saturday night.  It's not like I expect him to come out and share with the fans everything he shares with his staff and team behind closed doors.  Nobody realistically expects that.  That said, he doesn't have to do that or be subjected to the second guessing if he's saying the right things behind said closed doors and the problems are getting addressed/fixed.  That is clearly not happening and that's why this program is under performing.  If it was happening, we wouldn't see this team continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over agin.  If it was happening, we wouldn't see this team be unprepared to play in at least the better part of half their games. 

There is a problem within this program.  We might disagree with where it lies and who exactly is responsible, but only those in a perpetual state of denial could argue that the problem doesn't exist.  And as long as Bob is one of those individuals in denial then it's clearly not going to get fixed.  And IMO, that's an even bigger problem.