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Oklahoma's Landry Jones Could Have Career Night Against Texas A&M

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Football has become known as a game of streaky skill play. It is much like an Olympic Torch. One week, a spark is lit and a player has the ability to carry that flame. Said player continues to move forward until the flame starts to flicker and they hit a down patch. At this point, another player is always ready to step up and let the spark come from inside manifesting itself on the field labeling them as the flame carrier.

Landry Jones has not been stellar all season, but when he is on...he is on and there's no question about it. He has a hot streak going and should continue it this week as he has been progressing ever since he touched the field. Yes, Bad Landry has mad an appearance this season and it ran a stretch of two games. However, it would appear that Good Landry is here. For how long? Only time will tell but until his disappearance, Landry could surpass his own school record set last week.

Three Reasons after the jump.

1) The Texas A&M Aggies Boasts The Worst Pass Defense In The Nation

The Aggies give up 318.25 yards a game (which, by the way, only two teams can say they give up 300+ yards in the passing game every weekend) while the Sooners passing attack puts up 396.6 yards per game. Not only that, but the Ags have given up a 500-yard game to Arkansas, 400-yard games to Robert Griffin and Brandon Weeden, while Seth Doege was 9 yards short of 400. These numbers could spell disaster for aTm as they travel to Norman. Oklahoma is clearly loaded with talent at wide receiver as well as tight end (regardless of how much they get used). Jones will have plenty of targets to throw at and assuming they catch the ball and he should have a solid afternoon coming off a stellar performance.

2) Jones Has All Day To Stand In The Pocket (and stare down receivers)

Assuming Landry doesn't do the aforementioned no-no coupled with the mindset Oklahoma has they will beat you at your own game, he will be successful. Again, there is no shortage of talent at WR and with Roy Finch being sent in motion out of the backfield, it just adds another homerun threat everything Jones drops back to pass. Look for there to be plenty to go around as the coaching staff rotates receivers and starts to include TE's.

3) Oklahoma, As Well As Landry, Has To Make A Statement From Here On Out

This is no secret as it is something we all as fans have said. After the home loss to Texas Tech, OU would have to rebound and come out with a vengeance if they even dreamed of seeing the National Championship Game. Of course, with some outside help, Oklahoma is back in the thick of things and could land themselves a Crystal Ball if they can finish. This week is no different as it will have a revenge factor to it. The Aggies have fallen into a spoiler role from their once hopes of winning a Big XII Title (outright this time) and the Sooners are going to take it to them.