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Oklahoma Only Top 10 To Play BCS Ranked Opponent

This is a simple yet informative article for those of you who think that the Oklahoma St. Cowboys loss is the end of the Chase For Eight for the Oklahoma Sooners.

#1 LSU Tigers vs Ole Miss

#2 Oklahoma St. Cowboys vs Iowa St.

#3 Alabama Crimson Tide vs Georgia South

#4 Oregon Ducks vs USC Trojans

#5 Oklahoma Sooners vs #22 Baylor

#6 Arkansas Razorbacks vs Miss St.

#7 Clemson Tigers vs N. Carolina St.

#8 Virginia Tech Hokies vs North Carolina

#9 Stanford Cardinal vs California 

#10 Boise St. Broncos vs San Diego St.

Oklahoma St. did it's counterpart Oklahoma a favor by losing Friday night in an overtime game. Provided that the Sooners win today they will jump up at least one spot while the Cowboys all into their usual little brother situation while being reminded that "this is why we can't have nice things." (Stolen from a great friend of mine.) Oregon will be on upset watch, but they have already peaked and, assuming they continue win, will play in a not-so-highly touted PAC-12 championship game allowing Oklahoma to jump them on Championship weekend. And lastly, who wants to see a rematch of the most anticipated game of the season that ended up being the Letdown of the Century? On top of that wouldn't the SEC want to play another conference in the MNC to prove that they are the dominant conference? Say hello to a #2 ranked Oklahoma Sooners squad if the cards continue to fall in place.