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Bob Stoops Weekly Presser - Baylor

Another week, another Stoops presser where we get plenty of softball questions from the media in attendance and plenty of non-committal coach speak answers to said questions from the OU head coach.  Be that as it may, we're here as always to bring you what little info Bob offers up.

* Stoops says they had good practices last week.  The team had the entire weekend off, so they should definitely be well rested.

* Very complimentary of Baylor, especially their offense.  Talks about how dangerous they are at home.  Mentions RGIII and Kendall Wright specifically as threats they have to worry about.  

* First question is about injuries.  They're not sure at this point whether Habern or Ikard get the start at center.  Bob said he'd announce it later in the week.  Tom Wort has still been limited in practice during the bye week, but is expected to fully participate Wednesday.  Bob said everyone else is expected to go, which translated means we'll probably be without three or four starters on Saturday.

* Asked about the goals of the defense on a week in and week out basis.  "The goal is to win.  At the end of the day, that's what matters."

* Asked about Baylor averaging around 50 points at home.  "They're very explosive, no doubt about it."

* Stoops is asked about Tress Way's average being down from last year, but it's pointed out that it's because he has had multiple punts pinning the opponent deep in their own territory.  Stoops agrees that has played a role in his average not being as high as it was last year.

* Asked about Broyles surgery and who will replace him on punt returns.  Bob said that RB is still probably about two weeks away from the actual surgery last he heard and that Kenny Stills will replace him on punt returns.  He also said that Roy Finch was an option as well.

* Asked if margin of victory would be a consideration for him in these last three games.  "We just have to win.  All that matters right now is Baylor.  We just have to be as good as we can possibly be against Baylor down there this week."

* Bob isn't one to campaign publicly for this or that.  "Everybody has their own opinion, their own agenda, whatever.  At the end of the day, everybody has their own take on things.  I don't think we have to be out there making a case for us."

* Bob says he doesn't like that people feel compelled to be out there publicly lobbying to get into this game or that game.

* Asked about his coaches poll vote and some of the things he takes into consideration.  "What a team has done up to this point.  I'm also a big proponent of strength of schedule."

* Asked about how they'll distribute the carries this week.  "We'll see.  We'll continue to work guys in, but it's about who is hot at that moment."

* Bob isn't really a big fan of all the night games they've had to play this year.  

* Asked if it's going to be an issue for Landry going forward without the comfort of knowing Broyles was out there.  "Hopefully not.  I mean he's practicing with all the other guys as well.  He's thrown to more than just Ryan and thrown it well.  Sure he'll have to adjust, but I've got confidence in his ability to do it and do it well."

* Bob is optimistic that freshman WR Kameel Jackson will play more these last three games.  Says that he has progressed well in practice and continued to get better.

* Says that Broyles has been out at practice and is still spending plenty of time around the team.

* Asked about Frank Alexander and how well he's played this year and how he's a strong candidate for Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year.  Asked if Big Frank has been the most consistent player on defense this year.  "I think he and Ronnell, if you look at statistics, those guys have been pretty exceptional in that regard.  For me to choose just one it wouldn't be right.  I've always had a problem that everybody wants to decide this with three games still to go.  Let's see how things play out before we start making any choices."

* Goes on to say that both Alexander and Lewis have been special this year and that it's fair to say they are two of the better DEs in the conference.  

* Kind of a funny story comes out of Bob being asked whether or not the watches the BCS show.  He says no, but does admit that he watched it in 2009 because Barry Switzer called to give him a heads up that he should have his tv on.  Gotta love the King.

Also have some player quotes courtesy of Sooner Sports

  Senior DE Frank Alexander

On Baylor's Robert Griffin and why he is such a talented player: 
"His athleticism and his quickness make him a good player. This year, he is completing a high percentage of his passes, so when you can do that, and be a running quarterback, it makes you just as big of a threat. We need to do a good job of getting after him and containing him and not letting him get out of the pocket. We need to do a good job of judging our rushes and not running past the quarterback and letting him out."

On how the off week helped: 
"It helped a lot. It gave us a chance to get our bodies right and to get some rest and to have a Saturday to ourselves. It let guys who haven't been home in a while to go home and to visit their families. It is always good to get away from it all for a little bit, because it just makes you that much hungrier when you come back."

On being ready for the stretch run: 
"We have three weeks left of the regular season and we just have to do all we can to stay together and to play as a team and to make the best out of every situation and every opportunity."

On Baylor's multiple offense: 
"They are a tough offense to handle; they are number one in the league for total offense right now. I feel like our defense is good and I feel like we can handle this. That's the mind set and attitude that we need to have; that we can play with anyone in the country. That is what I feel, and I am confident to say that our defense can play with anybody. We just need to go out there and make it happen."

On if the defense has to step up more now that members of the offense are injured: 
"I don't feel like we have to put any more pressure on ourselves. As a defense, we always want to go out there and play well. With Dominique (Whaley) and Ryan (Broyles) going down it is a big loss to the offense, but I feel like they have other guys that are on the offense that are capable of making plays as well."

On the defense getting recognition in an offensive league: 
"Being part of the defense you always want to hear good things. We just take pride in being a good defense. Sometimes you might have a miss alignment, or miss judge a play or something that causes us to make a big play, but overall I feel like we have been doing good as a defense, and it is always good to hear good talk about yourself and your team."

On evaluating his season and how it is to be healthy this year: 
"I feel like my season has been going good. I am just blessed to come back after last year when I had a lot on my shoulders. I just feel like I need to make the most of this opportunity and I feel like I have been doing a good job of that. I'm going to try my best to play these last few weeks just like the start of the season. You never want to leave anywhere without leaving a legacy, or leaving your name out there. That is a really big thing for me this year, to come out and to show everybody, but mostly to show myself, that it is possible. The hard work and everything that you have been through is coming to show when you play."

  Senior TE Trent Ratterree

On his experience helping in the final stretch of the season:
"I think it's going to help us a lot. If you look at the last couple of seasons we've had with this group, coming from 2009 and into 2010, those two seasons we finished strong. We've learned from those experiences and know what we need to do going forward."

On offensive differences without Ryan Broyles:
"That's a huge gap to fill. You can't replace a guy like Ryan Broyles. It's kind of like you can't replace guys like Sam Bradford or Jermaine Gresham. We've had amazing players here, so missing a guy like Ryan is tough and we have big shoes to fill. Really, what it comes down to is for others to step up collectively and help fill that gap. It's not going to be just one person; it has to be a ton of people by committing."

On fan support during games in Waco:
"This will be my third time going to Baylor. We have a lot of fans in attendance, but their entire student section is right behind our bench. Those are usually my favorite places to play on the road, when their student section is right behind our bench. You can hear them yelling and talking trash to you."

On team's success on the road:
"It's something we've emphasized over the last few years, being good on the road. I guess it's just a product of the work we put in over the last couple of years. It takes time for stuff like that to get better. It's not like those things improve after two practices, it's over time. I think that's really what it's a result of."

  Junior P Tress Way

On his progression this season:
"I always feel people just look at the average, and obviously I'd love for my average to be up near the top of the nation like it has been. But, it's really funny how Coach Stoops works, because all summer he was really harping on me to really get push punts down so they could be consistently inside the 10 and 15-yard line. So, I worked that all summer long and didn't think anything of it. Now, it seems like every time we're punting from the other side of the 50-yard line, trying to put them deep. I like cranking them deep, but as far as the role of a punter goes, I might be having my best year."

On being the "big cheerleader" on big plays:
"Some of the coaches come up to me and say, 'Tress, we know you're into it, but you have to stay behind that line.' I always get in trouble for passing that line because on big plays I always get really into it. When Frank (Alexander) has his interceptions, I'm always like two or three yards onto the field throwing fist pumps."