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Injury Update: Tony Jefferson

Oklahoma, as well as the Big XII in general, has suffered their fair share of injuries in a National Championship caliber season. From Ben Habern to Dominique Whaley to Brennan Clay and Ryan Broyles, this team has suffered much adversity. However, one thing that was lacking was our knowledge on Tony Jefferson. As a sophomore Jefferson had come on as a threat not only in the secondary but also wreaking havoc on opposing quarterbacks in the back field when sent on a blitz. TJ had some games that will for sure go down in his as well as the fans' book as great games. With these performances in the rearview mirror Jefferson is now found more often than not on the sideline.

We had speculated that it was an injury but not much info was out there on it. He seemed to be able to play but on a very limited stint. So, what happened?