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SBN BlogPoll Week 12 Ballot: Everyone On The Move

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I've got 24 out of 25 teams on the move this week on my ballot with 18 of them moving up and one of them moving out. USC is new to the ballot this week and possibly a bit overdue while Auburn is moving out...yet again. LSU is the only team not moving as they are firm at number one and before the orange and black attack starts calling me a homer for having OSU at #3 I'd like to invite them to look where I have OU as well. 

I do honestly think that Oregon could beat OSU on a neuteral field and despite their lone loss on the season to #1 LSU their win over Stanford Saturday night is better than any win on the Oklahoma State resume. If the Cowboys win Bedlam then you'll see a swap. As for OU (yup, I'm going to take some heat on this) but I honestly believe that Arkansas, Houston, Bama and Oregon deserve to be ranked ahead of the Sooners right now. Don't agree with me? Just pull out some game footage of Texas Tech and then explain how I'm wrong.

Check out my full ballot after the jump!