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Oklahoma moves up to #5 in both polls, projected #5 in BCS

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Short of an LSU loss or a second Alabama loss, things couldn't have gone much better for OU's national championship hopes during their bye week.  With both Stanford and Boise State losing, suddenly things are looking awfully rosy for our Sooners and a possible trip to NOLA.  We can argue about how much of an obstacle Boise really was, but their loss at home yesterday to TCU obviously makes that irrelevant.  Stanford losing however was an absolute must and their skeptics with respect to their weak schedule appear to have been proven right after looking outclassed by Oregon last night.

If you believe this Oklahoma team is worthy and/or capable of winning in NOLA, and we can discuss that, then things are looking as positive as you could have hoped for after the embarrassing loss to Texas Tech.  The Sooners moved up to #5 in both the Coaches & AP Polls and are projected to also be #5 tonight when the new BCS rankings are released. Our Sooners arguably have their destiny in their hands which given our lone loss and the screwed up system being what it is, this is all we could ask for.