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A&M Blows A Two Score Lead - Are We Really Shocked?

At the 12:00 minute mark of the second quarter Texas A&M scored to take a 14-0 lead over the Kansas State Wildcats. The joke around my house, and possibly yours, was that K-State had the Aggies right where they wanted them. You know what? We were right.

A&M would blow the two-score lead, not once but twice, and eventually succumb to the Wildcats 53-50. If you think you've seen this somewhere before then you're exactly right. Its a new verse to the sad song that has become the Texas A&M football season. Since the Oklahoma State game this season has been Groundhog Day for A&M fans. The same thing keeps happening over and over again as they have blown multi-score leads this season in losses to Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Missouri and now Kansas State. In fact, in all five of A&M's losses this season they've had the lead. 

I'm typically not one to gloat in the misery of another team's failures (unless that team is Texas) but when this guy is one of the mouth pieces for the fan base then I really can't help it. Delusional and ignorant don't even begin to describe the drivel that's posted there. I'm sure that there are a ton of Aggie fans out there who are level headed and cordial. Unfortunately you're voice is being drowned out by this clown. We'll get to the open letter he wrote Sooner fans later on in the week but for now let me just say the demise of A&M couldn't have happened to a better fan. 

Now, back to the game at hand. There are three things that have become clear about this Aggie squad after the loss to KSU. First, last year was an anomaly and not the norm for the Texas A&M. That may sound rash but it really is what it is and the record speaks for it. A&M is a middle of the pack program that is capable putting together a really good season every ten years or so. If you want to dispute this then you'd better bring some serious evidence to prove otherwise. 

Secondly, this team lacks leadership, both on and off the field. They simply cannot handle pressure and the word is out. Get them in a tight spot and they will fold like a cheap suit because there's no one on the field to put the team on their shoulders. 

Finally, Mike Sherman is out of his element and gets out coached on a regular basis. Its not all his fault though. The expectations are too high at A&M. Is he the best coach in the Big 12? Absolutely not! Is he the worst? No, Turner Gill owns that dubious moniker. Is as good as R.C. Slocum? No, and there lies the rub. A&M led the way for schools like Kansas and Texas Tech by not being satisfied with what they had and thinking that they could do better. You made that bed A&M and now you're laying in it. The good news is that Kansas is next week which means you'll be bowl eligible. Something that at least one person was extremely confident would happen about a month ago.