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Friday Locks - The Field Is Narrowing

The Broylers are in sole possession of first place in the official CCM pick'em contest sponsored Sooner Legends Inn & Suites. With the season winding down the field is narrowing and ten points only separates first from ninth place now. That's as narrow as the field has been all season. 

Crimson And Cream Machine Pick'em Contest Standings

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 The Broylers 113 113-86
2 soonermagic/pitbull17 110 110-89
3 soonercrze 110 110-89
4 Charbycharlie 106 106-93
5 Sooner Ron 106 106-93
6 Even God Hates texas 105 105-94
7 usmcsoonerfan 104 104-95
8 Chaos N Suh 104 104-95
9 ED21 103 103-96
10 OK-SPIRO-BOOMER 102 102-97

Its clear that The Broylers haven't been paying attention to my Friday Locks which explains his first place ranking. See how we're picking after the jump and feel free to leave us your locks in the comments. 

Last Week: 1-1

 Season 12-8

Wisconsin   (-27) @ Minnesota    

Sure it's a road game for a now two loss (which both came on the road) Badgers team, but it's a road game against Minnesota.      Oregon (+3.5) @ Stanford     In the "game of the day" I'm taking the underdog.  Call it a gut feel I guess, I just kind of think Stanford is reeling a little bit with injuries and people prematurely forgot about the Ducks after their loss to LSU.    
Last Week: 0-2 Season: 10-10

Michigan St. (-2.5) vs Iowa         

Michigan St. continues to have a solid defense and proved they could play at a high level against quality competition. It will be tough for Iowa to march up and down the field and MSU should win this one by a fair margin.

Nebraska  (-3.5) vs Penn St    

Penn St. has been shaken up this week. Without Joe Pa, how much changes? The Nittany Lions will be distracted and simply don't have the offense to compete with Nebraska leaving their defense tired. Nebraska takes this one hands down.


CC Machine
Last Week: 0-2     Season: 7-13
Penn St. (+3.5) against Nebraska
 All of the turmoil in Happy Valley is going to one of two things for PSU. It is either going to completely deflate them, resulting in a blowout loss, or its going to inspire them to play out of their minds. I'm picking the latter of the two and banking on PSU to cover.     Kansas St. (+4.5) against Texas A&M Call me crazy but I think there's the very real possibility that the Aggies are on the verge of quitting. KSU showed last week that they still have a lot of fight in them. I'll take the Wildcats in this one.