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Bob Stoops Weekly Presser - Texas A&M

Coming off a big win on the road and looking to start a new home field winning streak against a tough A&M team, Stoops meets with the media in his usual Tuesday afternoon presser.  As always, we're here to give you a recap.

As usual, Bob starts by talking about the previous game.  Singles out basically the entire offensive line for their play.  Then Broyles, Jaz Reynolds, Dejuan Miller, and Stills.  Roy Finch and Trey Millard as well as Landry Jones.  Defensively, was happy about them tackling much better in the second half.  Singles out the entire d-line, says Ronnell got a game ball.  Tom Wort and Corey Nelson also got game balls.

Moving on to A&M, they have a bunch of starters back on both sides.  Compliments their losses being to quality, highly ranked teams and a tough OT loss to Mizzou.  Without a couple turnovers they've had, they're probably undefeated.

Bob has plenty of kind words for Tannehill.  "Excellent athlete, can throw the ball very well.  He's a dangerous player."

Asked if going from what KSU does on offense to what A&M does and how tough that will be.  "It's tough every week."

Bob says he has every reason to believe that both Jamell Fleming and Ben Habern will be back this week.  Says Fleming was very close to going last week.  There is a chance Habern could play at center and not guard as was originally speculated.  He is still in a forearm cast.  Reportedly he's been taking snaps in practice this week.

Asked about Finch.  "We're going to continue to get Roy the ball, but he's not a guy who can play 50 snaps.  So we're going to continue to get the other guys involved as well.  Even Trey Millard."

Asked about Jaz and the addition of a third WR to the offense.  "Well it certainly helps.  It spreads the field a little more and helps them prevent the defense from isolating on certain guys."

Bob makes a funny about not using Bell in the "Bell-dozer" formation anymore.  (That was the name officially endorsed by Bell on Twitter fwiw).  Continues to say they will work on plays where he throws off it as well.

Asked if Bell compares athletically to Jason White before his knee injuries.  "Yeah, but with about three more inches and 30 pounds."

Bob says there was no point in saving the Bell-dozer because they have to get him experience doing it.  Need to get him more comfortable in it.  Stoops is glad they got it out there.

Bob says that Tom Wort has improved considerably in both pass coverage and his run defense this year.

Bob doesn't care if the SEC is considered a better conference than the Big 12.  (Big shock, great question Dean-o!)

Asked if there are any stats in particular to how his defense is performing.  "Our points vs. their points.  That one is kind of important."

Bob pays a big compliment to Sam Proctor and how great a leader he is for this team.  (Which is cool for him to do because Proctor hasn't played a bunch in his time here, but you always like to hear about players like that still having a positive attitude and making an impact in the locker room.)

Stoops talks about giving Whaley his schollie.  As you've heard I'm sure, he says they had already made the decision.  He told him after the injury so Dom didn't have to worry about anything.

Also, here are some player quotes courtesy of Sooner Sports

  Junior DT Stacy McGee

On difference of play in the games the past two weeks:
"We just have to be more consistent and keep the game like we showed in the second half (vs. Kansas State), having both full offensive and defensive performances."
On how the revenge aspect can be counter-productive going into Saturday's game:
"We just have to stay focused and kind of look at it like we did against Kansas State. Not really look at it like we're seeking revenge on anybody, but just playing hard and staying on edge."
On Texas A&M's offensive strengths:
"What they do on offense is kind of like what we do here on offense. They just go in hard. This is probably one of the better offensive lines we've faced all year. It will be a test really for our whole defense because they have two good running backs, their receivers are good and their offensive line is pretty good too."
  Senior S Sam Proctor

On his career at OU:
"I was raised that you never quit. As long as there was time left at OU, I never gave up on myself. That is something my mother raised me to believe, and it is something my family has been a great support in, so it is not just me when you see that attitude. There are a lot of people back home that have encouraged me over the years to continue my course here at OU, and that is what I want to do; I want to finish strong."
On what a shark is:
"It was really just something we used to build a family atmosphere around the defensive backs and the defense, and we have just used it to encourage each other."
On Texas A&M:
"Texas A&M is good, there is no way to sugarcoat it. They have great players, great skill players, guys who have speed and guys who have talent. It will be one of our biggest challenges of the year and right now we are preparing for it with all that we have.
"They are a really balanced team and that is what makes them dangerous. They can throw the ball just as well as they can run it."
On looking at this game differently with Texas A&M's losses:
"That is the biggest thing we have studied. Those guys are really just an eyelash from being undefeated. That team should have won every game that they had lost and they could easily be 8-0 right now. That is one of the things that we are very conscious of going into this week. They are capable of being an undefeated program right now."
On memories from the A&M game last year:
"They got us in their home stadium and it was loud. They fed off the momentum of the crowd and they made plays when they needed to make plays. In defense you have to tackle well and they made us miss in open space. At the end of the day, they took what they wanted from us."
On the special teams:
"Special teams can be the turning point of the game. Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright will often say 'be special on special teams.' Those one or two plays can turn the game around and get the crowd back in it, so I take pride in being on special teams."
On any encouragement from the BCS rankings:
"I think the real encouragement comes from how we played together. We complimented each other last week: offense, defense and special teams. We had fun. Coach Stoops had mentioned that he thought that we had stopped having fun as a team, but after that Kansas State game in the locker room we just had a lot of guys having fun and it almost brought you back to your middle school and high school days when it was about playing with your friends that you grew up with and learning to win and lose together. So, no, I do not think we have made the BSC rankings a focal point, we are just working to get better every week."
  Sophomore WR Jaz Reynolds

On thoughts of watching his big catches on film:
"It was nice. I saw the first one on Sports Center and that was my first time ever making a top 10 play. It was my first time seeing it after the game. Everyone was hitting me up on Twitter and on my phone, telling me how it was on ESPN and everything. It was pretty cool."
On difference in play of the Sooners the past two weeks:
"I don't think we've seen the real OU team. We still have to put 60 minutes together. Against Texas Tech, we came out very flat and they came out and beat us. That's a lesson to us that we have to come out on edge every time."
On second half play during the Kansas State game:
"We knew we could do it. We worked together and really complemented each other, both offense and defense. When we do that, we can pretty much be the team everyone expected us to be."
On impact of the loss against Texas Tech:
"It bothers us every day. Every day in practice we think about it as that one blemish on our record, how we got beat at home and how they're the team that broke our home winning streak. It's in the back of our heads every practice."