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Reliving The Magic Moments - 2011 Red River Rivalry Highlights

Let me just say, HolaKyle is simply the best at making OU highlights and this one is no exception. 

Things to watch for:

1:54 - Little McCoy gets properly welcomed to big time football

3:02 - Blake Gideon gets introduced (and subsequently decleated) to Kenny Stills

3:33 - Texas secondary loses Kenny Stills. oops!

3:41 - David Ash gets properly welcomed to big time football

5:27 - Ash hasn't learned his lesson and gets another welcome to big time football

6:28 - Ryan Broyles must be made of rubber

6:33 - Kenny Stills is the bus driver and he's taking you to school

8:25 - Those who doubt Dominique Whaley's speed need to pay attention

9:35 - Choo-Choo! 

9:50 - What it looks like to have your dignity ripped out of your hands (Sooner defense scores enough points to outscore Texas)