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CFB Saturday Afternoon/Evening Game Thread

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Well, the only one that we really care about has come and gone.  So might as well make a full day of it here in our CCM afternoon/evening game thread.  Here are some games/topics of discussion:  (1) Texas sucks, (2) Texas really sucks, and (3) Texas sucks and blows.  Also . . .

Florida @ LSU  2:30 CBS

Auburn @ Arkansas  6:00 ESPiN

Ohio State @ Nebraska  7:00 ABC

Kansas @ Oklahoma State  2:30 Longhorn Network (b/c nobody can see it, so it has to be on LHN right?)

Missouri @ Kansas State  2:30 ABC

Iowa State @ Baylor  6:00 FSN

Texas A&M @ Texas Tech  6:00 FX