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Sooner Nation Replay: Red River Shootout With GhostofBigRoy

Every year tension rises as Texas Hate Week approaches, the smack talk elevates, and the blood pressure hits an all-time high. This highly anticipated match-up is just around the corner. GhostofBigRoy (writer for BON) joins us as we talk everything OU/TX including a preview of the offense vs the defense and vice versa as well as giving us some insight into this revamped UT squad. There are a few concerns heading into this rivalry and there seems to be a notion that supporting players are going to be counted on to step up. Are the Longhorns running a gimmick offense...some of us here like to think so with Harsin pulling on the reigns. We are just one day away from the big game but Texas still sucks! Safe travels to all those going to the game and BOOMER!