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Friday Locks: A New Approach To Picking Illinois

How can a nationally ranked 5-0 team cause us so much pain in our weekly picks. Especially when we're picking them to win! I guess that's the price you pay when trying to figure out Illinois. However, after getting burned on them two weeks in a row in our Friday Locks, JTE is taking a new approach to dealing with the Illini. 

Last Week: 1-1

 Season 5-5

Indiana (+14.5) vs. Illinois      

The Zooker has burned me, then he burned Matt.  After this, I theorized on the site that betting against Illinois is an automatic win.  So what kind of picker would I be if I didn't test that theory at the risk of my own stellar (cough, .500) record?         LSU (-13.5) vs. Florida Little bit of dirty pool on my part I suppose going w/ an LSU defense against a back-up QB, but this is for bragging rights people so screw it!  I'm sure Lester will find a way to screw it up and cost me what looks like an easy cover.     
Last Week: 1-1  Season: 6-4

South Carolina vs    Kentucky (+21.0)       

USC has struggled at QB with Garcia and will now be starting their sophomore back up Connor Shaw. My guess is that the ball will find itself in the hands of Lattimore. Kentucky has on atrocious offense but if they can force Shaw to throw the ball they should be able to keep it from being a blow out. I'll take Kentucky and the points on this one.    

Virginia Tech (-7.5) vs Miami (FL)    


Miami showed us just how bad they were when they lost to  Kansas St. at home. Va. Tech is still a solid team that will be looking to rebound after losing to Clemson. With this game in Blacksburg, the edge goes to VT.    

CC Machine
Last Week: 1-1 Season: 5-5
North Carolina        (-14.5) vs. Louisville The Cardinals lost to Marshall last week and not have to travel to play the Tar Heels. Its a big spread but I think this Louisville team has some big problems. Give me UNC and the points.  Missouri (-3) @ Kansas State I'm sensing the possibility for a huge letdown this week for the Wildcats. They were solid in their win over Baylor last week but will be cursed by it this week when the big letdown sets in. Tigers win and cover the three points.