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Big 12 Expansion Rumor Update: Missouri Is Staying! (Maybe?)

Is there an important football game this weekend in Dallas? Just curious. 

Alright, the latest word I've received is that the Big 12 schools have agreed to and signed the six-year grant of rights which means Missouri is not going anywhere. It is speculated that the Tigers didn't have enough votes to join the SEC and weren't really wanted by the Big Ten.

Also according to my source, the TCU board of regents is meeting today and will accept the Big 12's invitation which brings the conference back to ten schools. Basically the Big 12 has swapped A&M for TCU and while there are varying opinions on that the on field records speak for themselves. TCU is coming off back-to-back BCS bowl appearances ($$$$) while A&M hasn't sniffed a BCS Bowl since the 90's.

One other point of interest in the information I received today is that (according to this source) Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione is backing off on support for expanding back to twelve teams. Reading between the lines I would say its probably because he doesn't like the options.