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Crimson And Cream Machine's Big 12 Power Rankings: We're Not Believing In Texas Tech

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The Texas Tech Red Raiders may be undefeated but you won't find anyone around here buying any stock in them. The truth is, their 4-0 record built off of the likes of Texas State, New Mexico, Nevada and Kansas just aren't that impressive and even a two-loss team, that doesn't seem to be able to handle the pressure of playing a nationally ranked team on television, like A&M has built more credibility on the season than Texas Tech.

Crimson And Cream Machine Power Rankings 

Rank School Pts
1 Oklahoma 30
2 Oklahoma St 27
3 Kansas St 23
4 Texas 22
5 Baylor 17
6 Missouri 14
7 Texas A&M 13
8 Iowa St 8
8 Texas Tech 8
10 Kansas 3

JTE OnlyOneOU CCMachine
Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma 
Oklahoma St Oklahoma St Oklahoma St
Texas Kansas St Kansas St
Kansas St Texas Texas
Baylor Texas A&M Baylor
Missouri Baylor Missouri 
Texas Tech Missouri Texas A&M
Texas A&M Iowa St Iowa St
Iowa St Texas Tech Texas Tech
Kansas Kansas Kansas

Its clear we're in agreement with the top two teams in our power rankings but number three is where a bit of disagreement comes in. I can't speak for OnlyOne but for me it was wins at Miami and at home against Baylor that put the Wildcats ahead of the Longhorns. Speaking of Baylor, it was thought that they were OnlyOne's closet team but he has them lower than both JTE and myself. I have now explanation as to why anyone would rank A&M ahead of Baylor at this point. That could all change by the end of this month but even with the loss at Kansas State this last weekend you've got to admit that Baylor has been more impressive. 

Its a bit ironic that the only three teams we can find complete agreement on are first, second...and last.