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Sooner Nation Replay: K-State Recap, Media Play Down Of Win, BCS Hopes

The week after a win is always much better than a week after a loss! Oklahoma came out to prove a point and did just that with a statement win over the Kansas St. Wildcats in Manhattan. There were a few key changes that the coaching staff made. What did we see that was different from last week and the majority of the season so far as well as who earned a game ball out of the players/coaches? Not only did Oklahoma get a win, but they also kept their BCS hopes alive with a little bit of help from the outside. However, the media is going to play this win down and force feed it to the nation with lines such as, "Kansas St. was fed a line of cupcakes up till this point." How big of win is this really for Oklahoma? The Sooners are on the road to redemption but will it end in a BCS Championship bid?

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