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OU moves up two spots to #7 in Coaches Poll

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UPDATE:  AP Poll is out and OU is also #7 in that poll.  Up four spots from #11 the week before.

As usual, the Coaches Poll is the first one out this afternoon and our Sooners have moved up two spots after their win against a Top 10 opponent.  With Clemson losing, OU was able to benefit by moving up and jumping Arkansas who had a second consecutive underwhelming win.  OU was not however able to jump past Oregon who are ahead of them at #6.  The top five remained unchanged from the week before with LSU #1, Bama #2, Stanford #3, Okie State #4, and Boise State #5.  

The AP Poll will be out a little later this afternoon and the updated BCS standings will be released later tonight.  In the meantime, you can read the SBNation's BCS guru here who projects OU to be #6 (passing both Arkansas and Oregon) and a big "winner" in yesterday's action.  If OU is in fact #6, it would be about as good a situation as we could have hoped for after the Tech loss.  Aside from Stanford holding on to win last night, everything happened to put OU back in control of their own national championship destiny.  Now if Stanford goes on to be undefeated, nothing we do will matter as they'll face whoever comes out of the SEC (assuming they don't trip up somewhere aside from this coming Saturday).  But if Stanford were to lose to Oregon and OU could win Bedlam, it would seem only an undefeated Boise State would be standing in our way of a shot at NOLA.