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OU wide receiver Trey Franks reinstated from suspension

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The rumor that Trey Franks had been reinstated started Monday morning following a tweet from the OU WR stating that "he was back."  Presumably, the fact that his use of Twitter is what lead to the suspension in the first place one would think he should stay away from the social media site. 

However be that as it may, the university confirmed that he has in fact been reinstated from what turned out to be two game suspension.  Prior to said suspension, he had virtually locked up the third WR spot and now with the emergence of Jaz Reynolds it would appear that spot will not be available to him now that he is returning.  So it will be interesting to see how they work the two of them, as well as Dejuan Miller and Kameel Jackson, into the rotation.  Regardless, having another option out there like Franks can't be a bad thing.  Let's just hope he learned from his mistake and will be a solid teammate going forward.

Welcome back Trey!