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Sure it's Texas Hate Week, but in a gesture of peace . . .

We here at CCMhave decided to put the hate aside and make a peace offering toward or rivals to the south and more specifically to their fearless leader.  That underlying hate between us will always be there and neither of us would have it any other way, but let it never be said that we OU fans can't look past all that and help out our fellow man.

If you've seen a Texas game this year or just a photo of Mack Brown recently, you've likely noticed that the Horns 5-7 lats year wasn't just hard on the team's morale.  It was also pretty unkind of Mack's waistline.  It looks like Macky might have been hittin' the Pepperidge Farms a little too frequently (damned if they aren't tasty though!) and as a result not only is he carrying a little extra baggage around that belly, he looks to be sportin' a litleextra upstairs as well. 

So being the fine human beings that we are, we've decided to take up a collection and see if we can't just help Mack out. 


If you are feeling generous, please email mackbrownsmoobs@gmail.comand let us know how much you'd be willing to donate to the cause.  No amount is too small, so don't feel bad if you can't contribute some much as others.  The 'Bro', or 'Mansierre'if you prefer, is still in the prototype phase from what I understand, but fortunately we "know a guy" who promised to hook us up.  We'll take donations all week up until kickoff, so make sure you spread the word to all your OU friends and thank you in advance for your generosity!