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You Make The Call: Kenny Stills Or Tony Jefferson For The Highlight Reel Of The Week?

Both Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson treated Oklahoma fans to spectacular plays in Saturday night's 62-6 blowout win over Ball State. The question for you now is, if you had to choose one to be the Highlight Reel of the Week which one would it be. Two great players. Two great plays. One extremely difficult choice!

See both plays after the jump!

The great thing about these two plays is that they were pretty much back-to-back and they sent the crowd into a frenzy while blowing the game wide open. With Oklahoma leading 17-6, Landry Jones fires a pass high and towards the back of the end zone. Leaving his feet and reaching high, I would like to use the word acrobatic to describe the catch that Kenny Stills made but that would really under value the effort Tony Jefferson made so I'll use incredible instead, Stills made an incredible leaping catch and managed to get both feet down (you can't have him yet, NFL scouts) before falling out of bounds.

Two plays later Ball State is facing second and eight when quarterback Keith Wenning drops back to throw deep but over throws his receiver. Tony Jefferson was the only person in position to make a play on the ball and what a play it was! Jefferson leaps up to make an acrobatic one handed interception and manages to come down in bounds to give the Sooners possession of the ball again. Oklahoma scored seven plays later to take a commanding 31-6 lead.