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Texas Tech Experiences Deja Vu But In Reverse

Last week the Texas Tech Red Raiders to Oklahoma as 30-point underdogs and shocked the Sooners by a final score of 41-38. They seemed virtually unstoppable on offense and frustratingly physical on defense. Tech racked up a total of 572 yards of offense and held the Sooners to just seven first half points. 

Enter the Iowa State Cyclones who were riding a four-game losing streak since conference play began. They were supposed to be the next stepping stone in a string of wins that would turn the season around for the Red Raiders. Instead the Cyclones forced Tech to live the nightmare they caused the Sooners last week in Norman. 


Playing in front of their home crowd Texas Tech saw Iowa State build a 21-0 lead in the first quarter and a 24-7 lead at the half. Sound familiar? Seth Doege, who couldn't miss against Oklahoma, completed only 50% of his passes with no touchdowns and was picked twice.

Tech took advantages of Oklahoma's porous defense last week by attacking weaknesses in the middle at at the corner again and again. This weekend it was the Cyclones exploiting the Red Raider defense for 510 total yards with 370 of it coming on the ground. Could someone please explain to me why OU didn't run the ball last weekend?

Needless to say, the loss as humiliating as it was for Tech, wasn't good for Oklahoma. The Sooners needed Texas Tech to continue winning to boost the strength of schedule and help that loss look somewhat good. As it stands now it appears as if the Red Raiders have beaten the Sooners two weekends in a row.