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CFB Saturday Game Thread

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It's a BIG Saturday for our Sooners and for a rare game day we don't have to wait until tonight to watch our team play.  A win will make for a good night/weekend.  A loss, well let's just not go there unless absolutely necessary.  

We've got some quality 11 o'clock games to watch for once, so that will certainly help pass the time until 2:30 (OU game thread will be up around 1 or 1:30).  Until then consider this your spot to hang out and chat about the early afternoon games.

Missouri @ Texas A&M 11:00  FX

Baylor @ Okie State 2:30  ABC/ESPiN2

Iowa State @ Texas Tech 6:00

Kansas @ Texas 6:00  

Michigan State @ Nebraska 11:00 ESPiN

Georgia @ Florida 2:30  CBS