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Friday Locks: We've Had Worse Weeks

As our 2011 pick'em contest presses on we'd like to thank the fine folks at Sooner Legends Inn & Suites for their sponsorship of the contest as well as all of our participants. However, there's a reason you won't find the three of us atop the leader board. We each went 1-1 in our Friday locks last week which is alright if you've got a winning record like JTE and OnlyOneOU do but if you're like, struggling below .500 then a 1-1 record isn't any good.

Here's our picks for this week. Go ahead and leave your own locks in the comments section below.  

Last Week: 1-1

 Season 9-7

Michigan   (-13.5) vs. Purdue     

Give me Denard Robinson in the Big House to cover the 2 TDs despite Purdue coming off a "big" win over Illinois     Oklahoma State (-14) vs. Baylor        A thousand boiling hot showers will not remove the dirty feeling I now have for even typing that, but even as good as RGIII is I don't see him being able to keep this one close enough against the Pokes.
Last Week: 1-1  Season: 9-7

Navy (+20) vs Notre Dame       

I'm putting all my "marbles of confidence" in the triple option. It's a tough offense to defend as you typically only see it once, if that, a season.    

Louisville  (-3) vs Syracuse    

The Orange are coming off a huge win but I think they have a slump this weekend. It is an away game and I'll give Louisville the nod on such a slim line.    

CC Machine
Last Week: 1-1     Season: 6-10
West Virginia   (-7) at Rutgers How can I not pick the Big 12's newest member? I actually think that this is going to be a fun game but in the end WVU is a little more than a touchdown better.      Penn State   (-5) at Illinois Illinois lost at Purdure last week by a touchdown. It was their second loss in a row and with Michigan and Wisconsin waiting after Penn State it could turn into a losing streak. I'll take Joe Pa and the points.