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OU Football - Recruiting Update for Class of 2012 (Part Two)

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Ok, we're going to give this a second shot.  Not sure what went wrong with the original post, but hopefully the issues have been resolved.

With the 14 current verbals our Sooners currently have and that we discussed in Part One, OU has what would like be another Top 10 recruiting class.  However, if they are able to secure commitments from some of the players we're about to discuss it could potentially become one of the most highly rated classes in school history.  The Sooners are legitimately in the Top 5 for the #1 and #2 overall recruits as well as several other highly rated prospects. No sense in wasting any time, let's get right into it.

Dorial Green-Beckham 6'6" 220 lbs, WR - 'DGB', as he's known within recruiting circles, is as talented a prospect as there has been in recent memory.  He is a man amongst boys in the state of MO and is just an unfair matchup for anyone who attempts to cover him.  Routinely beating triple teams, he has every single quality that a WR could possess if he were created in a lab.  There is no doubt whatsoever that he will start from Day 1 no matter where he signs.  He is that good.

He and his family rarely do interviews and even less often offer any tangible information on the recruiting process. So reliable info on him and his future decision is few and far between, but if there is one person I trust on this subject it would be our friend Josh McCuistion of SoonerScoop.  He believes that DGB's top three consists of OU, Missouri, and Arkansas with OU reportedly in good shape to secure his commitment. He is believed to be making his decision at the Army All-American game or sometime there after. With Sterling Shepard, Durron Neal, and Trey Metoyer already in the 2012 class, DGB would push it to possibly the highest rated WR class ever.

Mario Edwards 6'4" 275 lbs, DE - Edwards has been committed to Florida State since March, but has recently been open about his desire to look around at other schools.  After taking in the RRSO and witnessing OU's destruction of Texas, he stated in an interview how high he had become on the Sooners.  In fact, in a even more recent interview things sounded even more positive for OU with Edwards.

Edwards listed a top four of OU, LSU, Florida State and Texas. The top two are OU and LSU.  On those two teams "LSU, they have a tradition of great defensive linemen. OU, their defense gets after it a lot. I could definitely see myself playing for those two teams."

It can't hurt that FSU has had a tough go of things in 2011, but distance is also believed to be playing a role in his possible decommitment.  FSU is a very difficult 14+ hour trip from his home in Denton, TX as compared to a short two hour drive up I-35 to Norman.  It's also believed that he and his father, a former NFL player, like what OU is currently doing with their defense using multiple different schemes and requiring their DEs to do so many different things. They reportedly think it would be his best option to develop him for his future pro career.  Edwards would into Venables defense about as perfectly as any defensive lineman prospect in recent years.

Edwards and DGB are the #1 and #2 overall recruits respectively depending on which service you prefer and the fact that both are so seriously considering OU is almost unprecedented. If the Sooners were able to secure commitments from both it would be one of the biggest recruiting coups of all time.  McCuistion who covers recruiting for a living has stated that he cannot remember the #1 and #2 prospects signing with the same school.

Zach Banner 6'9" 310 lbs, LT - Banner is the son of former NFL All-Pro Lincoln Kennedy and one of the top left tackle prospects in the country.  He lives in the state of Washington and had talked about his fondness for OU, but was never really believed to be a serious candidate for the Sooners.  However, things have changed pretty considerably in the favor of OU.  In a recent interview discussing the recruiting process, Banner dropped this little gem.

"Oklahoma was my best visit, followed by Michigan and then Notre Dame," Banner said. "It's not that the Notre Dame visit was bad, I loved it there, I'm just not sure if socially I fit in that well. They're still on my list but just going off of the visits and where I thought I fit in the best, it would be Oklahoma on top right now."

Obviously in the game of recruiting, A LOT can change between now and signing day but the fact that OU is currently the favorite for an out of state, elite left tackle prospect is very, very exciting.  Especially when you consider that the visit to Michigan he's talking about took place during that crazy UM/ND game.  So the atmosphere had to be insane which means OU holding the distinction of his "best visit" says a lot about his experience in Norman.

Derrick Woods 6'1" 180 lbs, WR/S - The Sooners are looking to go back to the state of CA for the Inglewood product. Woods has recently expressed some serious interest in OU, reportedly trying to set up an official visit for the A&M game (which is going to be a HUGE weekend for visitors by the way).  He's also been quoted as saying he likes the idea of going to school out of state, which is clearly a plus for the Sooners.  Now you'd have to think that even if OU can't get DGB's signature, that they're pretty full at WR.  You might be right, but Woods is a kid who is too good to turn away.  He's said that the OU coaches have been open with him about the possibility of him playing safety instead of WR and he said he's open to it though his preference is WR.  If we can in fact get him on campus Nov. 5th, the chances of a commitment with so many other prospects also there could be very good.

Corey Coleman 5'11" 180 lbs, CB - Coleman is currently committed to Baylor, but has been pretty open in his affinity for the Sooners in recent interviews. Oklahoma definitely needs a CB in this class and Coleman would be their #1 choice. Now that's not meant as a knock to current commit DeVante Harris, but Coleman is also a very talented cover corner and having a cupboard full of those is never a bad thing.  Harris and Coleman would be one heck of a CB combo, I mean how often do you sign two potential lockdown corners in the same class?

Taylor McNamara 6'5" 235 lbs, TE - Another prospect from CA, McNamara is a verbal for Arizona right now but with Mike Stoops firing he's started to look around.  With the news of Haywood's transfer, OU's interest makes even more sense.  He is the #2 TE prospect in the country and has reportedly scheduled a visit for the Nov. 25th Iowa State game.

Quanzell Lambert 6'2" 230 lbs, LB - Lambert is out of New Jersey which is a part of the country OU doesn't typically recruit, but they did get Dejuan Miller out of N.J. several years ago (and are also recruiting his younger brother who is an offensive lineman fyi).  Lambert is an absolute monster and with the apparent depth issues at LB that have been exposed in recent weeks, one would hope Lambert could see the opportunity in front of him at OU.  Lambert also has an official visit scheduled for Nov. 25th.

Brian Nance 6'3" 210 lbs, LB - Another target at LB, Nance is a teammate of current OU commit Polo Manukainiu and has long been high on the OU coaches list.  He suffered a pretty serious knee injury prior to his senior season and has spent most of this year working his way back.  There has been speculation that he might be a bit of a grade issue, but there hasn't really been anything to validate that.  Prior to his injury, he was a kid that could make plays all over the field so assuming he's able to totally recover he would be a very nice get for OU.

Avery Young 6'6" 273 lbs, OT - Young is a talented, athletic offensive tackle from the state of Florida who has been very vocal about growing up an OU fan.  He is reportedly trying to arrange an official visit to Norman and getting him on campus would go a long way to securing his commitment.  Without it, it will be difficult to pry him out of SEC country.  If we've learned anything this season so far, it's that linemen like Banner and Young are a much bigger need than DGB.  Now that's not to say in any way that I don't want DGB, but big physical linemen like these two don't come along every day.

Oklahoma could also really use a defensive tackle in this class, but at the moment there aren't really any established targets on their radar that the experts believe they have a legit shot with.  As with recruiting some new names, in addition to the ones above, will come out and some of these may not pan out.  However, as it stands today with the potential targets we couldn't be in a better position to fill out this 2012 class.  Hopefully the coaches can convince some (or all, I'd be fine with that) of these kids that OU is the school for them and we can finish with that #1 overall rated class!